Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MUCH better day today....

I love working out in the country - especially on a sunny day. You just never know what you will run across. Here are some of the things we saw this morning....
YARD ART!!!! I always love looking at other people's yard art - it makes me feel better about my own. I now have Living Room art too - yep - the old dusty TV is still sitting in the floor and for some reason, Princess Miya is not happy about it at all!
And then you have nature's art mixed with whimsical metal art. This was a delicious little cottage behind two other houses. We think this cottage and a brick house up near the road are newer but the little house beside the country store were probably the original buildings before the family grew.
The little store has been closed for years but I noticed it still has its ornate tin roof over the main building. I do love sleeping under a tin roof on a rainy night. It was horrible sleeping late under a tin roof in the summer time however because it would get so hot.
This is a better picture of the tin roof and a closer look at the sweet mail box.
We were actually impressed with how well the building looked. You can tell the people who lived there loved their houses, store and memories.
At one point I put the windows down and said - "listen" and the kids said "what?". Rie and I laughed because we wanted them to "listen" to the silence of living in the country.
Eileen and I were both blown away by how pretty these little lovelies were in their big, white crock pot. I imagined the man of the house leaving the store to walk down the little pathway to maybe get a bite to eat. Maybe his wife would "mind the store" while he had a meal. Or maybe the wife would send one of the kids to the store with a bite to eat for her husband. I remember visiting my Aunt one summer and my Uncle had a store. One day she and I had our lunch and then walked to the store so he could walk home and have his lunch. Guess that is why the imagination made me think of that scenario.
Bambi took this afternoon off from work to go with me to my study.  We all enjoyed it very much and it was nice listening to them share their feelings about things. Brings back wonderful memories of when I was where they are now - on the threshold of a wonderful new life.
So all in all it was a lovely day full of sunshine, delightful children giggling in the back seat, old and new friends and beautiful scenery. Ahhhh

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