Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm back.......

I feel like I'm back. No - not just back from my trip to Atlanta but really back. Those who know me will pretty much understand I think. I had a talk on the front school Thursday night that went well. Of course I have to give a lot of credit to my sweet Lin - she is the "consumate" householder. Even though I still had a little of the headache I had all week, I was determined I was going to the meeting. I also was thrilled to be out in service all day yesterday with Gail. I realized I have missed her these past weeks almost as much as I still miss Gerl. We made a run to Costco after service and loaded up on treats. It was a gorgeous day yesterday and today has been even nicer. I met with my group this morning which was a real treat since I don't usually get out in service on Saturdays. It was so nice, we had Shen's study outside on her breezeway. I can tell she still loves the little house they are in now. I was disappointed to hear from Leah yesterday that they were not going to be coming down this weekend but certainly understood the reason why. I hope Kurt starts showing some improvement real soon. The good news is Leah enjoyed her first week on her new job. I decided to go ahead and send her a picture of the dress Page sent her. These types of dresses look so good on her and I hope she will enjoy it. Page called to say it was beautiful there too. We are already looking forward to our time together when Page2 has Spring Break! I think I'll get out of this house and go for a ride in the country - too pretty to be inside!

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