Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sewing Class 101 and Rafferty's

Okay - all the clothes were still wet so I ironed my pants dry and headed out to Page's office to meet her. We got on the road in all the traffic and made our way up to Kennesaw - where Page used to live. We were running a little late but there was room for us and before you know it, we had a sewing machine in front of usI'll have to admit that if my sewing machine sews like the one I had to work on - it almost sews by itself. There were six of us in the class plus our instructorwho is the woman with long hair in the black shirt working on my sewing machine - yeah - I'm not that good with mechanical things either.The young lady on the right was making something for her little girl's room and it turned out really cute.So here is our finished products - Woo Hoo! Guess what it is? You put the top flap under your sewing machine and put your scraps, pieces of thread, etc., in it while you are sewing and then you don't have a lot of mess to clean up. It also protects your cat from getting to the pieces of thread and swallowing them. Not good for kitties. There was a cake decorating class going on right beside us and the children were doing much better thanthe adults in this class. Right outside our area was a knitting class going on. This Joann's was HUGE - like a really nice upscale Michaels but much nicer. We were starving when we finally got out and grabbed a delicious cheeseburger and home cooked fries at Rafferty's. BigD would have loved the cheeseburger - it was cooked to perfection and the fries were to die for. After we ate, we got on what I call Suicide Highway (75 South) coming back to Smyrna since the rush hour traffic was over. After picking my car up at Page's office, we headed home and are getting ready for bed. She has an 8am meeting in the morning.

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