Monday, March 14, 2011

Lost an hour and still not sleepy....

Okay - here it is after 2am and I'm still wide awake. The kids got in safe Friday night and it was good to see them all. Kurt is still suffering from hives and other odd sensations and has been taking Benadryl almost a week now. It was on the bottom of his feet and his buttocks but when he got here, it was in the palms of his hands which were swollen, red and hurting. He took more Benadryl and went to bed pretty early. Leah, Page and I got to the KH early so we could find seats and my study Shen and her two young ones were already there. Thankfully, Kurt got there right before it started.We got seats close to each other and then I tried to speak to as many people as I could. The talk was excellent - emotional for everyone including the speaker at times but still wonderful. We came home and Leah took Kurt to the Urgent Care while I took the BBQ chicken BigD had just taken off the grill over to Jeri's house. Hopefully someone got hungry again and they enjoyed the chicken. It was nice to visit with so many old friends I haven't seen in years. Leah and BigD got home around 7:15pm and there were no drug stores open to fill the three prescriptions they gave him. They gave him a shot of Epinephrine which causes your heart to race so he was pretty wired when he got home. I finally found a Walgreens about 20 minutes away and they were wonderful. When I tried to get my prescription for the patches that have to be applied to my arm at my drug store, they were so expensive it was unreal. There was a really big box of them and hopefully I won't need that many so I asked if I could just have two packs of 10 each and she said she couldn't do that because she wouldn't be able to sell the rest. While we were at Walgreens, I asked the wonderful young man if he could help me and he said - of course, I'll be happy to open the box and just give you two packs. If I had gone with the first one it would have cost over $168 but I got the two packs for "only" $58. Yikes! Everyone was pretty beat and BigD decided to let us all "sleep in" - including him.I decided to get out with Page for a bit and we took a walk over to Luz's neighborhood to a little park there. Pretty soon, a young boy whose house is right beside the park noticed we were there and he came over. He was a being "cool" and was throwing his basketball, then he did a black flip off the side of the sliding board and of course Page was saying - Whoa - how did you do that? Did you take gymnastics and he said yes. She is outgoing to the nth degree and was asking him questions which was really hindering his plan to be "cool" and then she dropped the big question out of the blue......"Are you a boy or are you a girl and he's like - what? I'm a boy!" She was really perplexed and looked at me. Now I thought she was asking because his hair was in the little knots they wear some times when they are growing their hair or getting a treatment. He said - "why would you ask me if I'm a girl - and she said ---wait for it ----Well, you are wearing an earring in a very innocent voice." I just started talking to her about something else because I was afraid I would laugh. He did have an earring and not a small one either. Supposed to look like a big diamond - then she just started talking to him again. Kurt called to see where we were so Rose could find us and I told him we were on our way home. It worked out good because two other little boys who live across the street had just come home with their Mom and saw Page and came over with their battery powered scooters. They weren't as friendly and nice as the first young boy. We all watched the Duke/Carolina game and this is Rosepulling for the wrong team but it didn't matter because our team won. I mentioned that I was keeping Dee's precious Dorothy Marie when she goes to a wedding next month. Dorothy is so precious to all of us. For one thing she is named Dorothy after my mother and is over 12 years old. Several years ago she had to have one of her legs amputated and was a very sick girl. She is Dee's baby girl and she can't stand the thought of being away from her for more than a day. How could I refuse? I love Dorothy Dog too. She is going to board Penelope in a kennel that has kept herbefore. Dee pretty much rescued Penelope awhile back and she adores Dee. That is about as far as it goes though - I think Dee and Tommy Boy are the only two who can really handle her. She is very, very protective of Dee but loves her, Tommy Boy and Dorothy and I think the cats have her pretty trained. Other than that, they can't trust her not to snap, snarl or bite as shown above which makes me wonder if she was abused. She has been over here with Dee and Dorothy before. Dee was sitting on the sofa and both of them jumped up there with her and noticed their reflections in the mirror behind the sofa - they both barked at their images and then Dorothy figured it out and got down but not Penelope - she saw this dog sitting beside her beloved Dee and she would snarl, snap and growl at her reflection until finally Dee just had to make her get down. Poor baby - she thought she was protecting her Mommy.

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