Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bugs and other things.....

Yep - I definitely have a bug or virus. Stomach, headache, yuck. I'm so hoping it will be much better by tomorrow. Slept better last night but still have the headache I've had for several days now. It doesn't help that it has been a gloomy looking day so far and BigD said it is quite nippy out there. Spring one day, winter the next - I just want a few weeks of Spring before we are full force into Summer. In the meantime, I've been plugging along with BigD's books. I know, I know - I've waited until the last minute "again"! You aren't any more frustrated by me than I am. I promised my accountant I would have everything ready so I'm going to stay in until it is ready for her.Everyone who knows me knows that I am definitelyBeing a Type A personality has been good for certain jobs because we do work well under pressure. My last three jobs required quite a bit of multi-tasking which I used to be real good at. I'm not that good at it anymore and do not like the pressure I put on myself so why do I do it? Every single year I promise myself I will work on BigD's books on a monthly basis and it just never happens. I think my cluttered house has caused me to have a cluttered mind. Hmmm - I wonder if that is possible?A picture of three men who all played a positive role in my "upbringing" after I was married. Two of them are gone which makes Ebbert even more special. You gotta love I.T. - a self-confident man I would say - right?And I had to "snatch" this picture of four of Jeri's five sons from FB today. I know they think of and miss their Mama every day.This picture will not mean anything to my younger friends or even my children but it brought back good memories to me.Looking at so many of the pictures Jeri's children found has made me remember a lot of people who made an impact on my life. She had a reputation for being fearless in the ministry and a strong personality. She also had a serious heart condition that could be taken care of so easily today but this is now and that was then. She died way too early and has been missed by many. I called Ruth's Mom (on the left) this afternoon to see how she is doing now that she is back home. She said with a lot of help, she is doing well. She is frustrated about the neighbor's tree falling on her fence in her back yard and them not wanting to do anything about it. One of Z's life-long friend lives across the road and has been very helpful. As a matter of fact, she said she had just gone to the grocery store for her. I couldn't stop thinking about how happy Leah sounded on the phone yesterday when she called on her way home from her first day at work. So - after calling Kurt and asking BigD and Page1 - we decided it would be nice for her co-workers to see how much we love her so we went her flowers for her new desk! Gerber Daisies are one of her favorites so I called her company to get the number of a florist they like and they gave me a name and number and I was very impressed with "Curtis". She sent us this picture with a text saying they were beautiful. I know it made her smile even bigger. Kurt is still having some reactions but we are hoping the meds will kick in and take care of it soon.


  1. So sorry you are sick, please feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Kat - think I might have been wrong about virus and it is one of my mega-migraines - it just keep hanging on. At least it's been awhile since I've had one. How are you?


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