Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Atlanta day 12......getting a head start

I'm going to start this started early and finish it tonight or in the morning. Trying to get more organized - yeah - right. Anywho - I had a real problem getting to sleep last night. I realized around 12:30am I had forgotten my medication so I tip-toed as quietly as I could past Page who was sleeping and poured a little water so I could take them. I finished the book I brought so I finally found a book about New Orleans and started looking through that. I'm not sure what time I finally dropped off but I woke at 6am and the next thing I knew - it was 9am! Oh well! We are going to a refresher - how to use a sewing machine - class tonight. I know it has been well over 35 years since I've used one. As mentioned previously, Ruth gave me a nice Singer and maybe this will give me incentive to open it and learn how to sew again. I'm taking my quilting basket with me so I can find a piece of fabric for the borders and back. I have something in mind but just haven't had time to look. I've had my shower but am not sure what I'll be wearing tonight. All my clothes are still wet! One pair of pants might be dry enough that I can iron them dry! :) Jeri's daughter-in-law sent an email to everyone letting us know the plans for her Memorial will be completed when all the kids are together which will be this coming weekend.She attached this picture taken at their "family night" a few months ago. They watched tons of slides that were taken over the years and Jeri gave each child the albums she had made them with a poem in the back of them. She worked on those album for a long time and they were all different from each other and wonderful. I'm hoping to help them get those slides saved to a computer file so they will all have access to them. That will be a nice project for later. Keith also sent an email from the ship and asked us to forward their thoughts and appreciation for our prayers for all of them. As I look at this picture of her with all of her beautiful children - it seems surreal to realize that Jeri will not be at the end of that phone call anymore....

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