Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Atlanta day 11 - March 1st!!!!!

Kind of a lazy day here in Atlanta today. Finished my time yesterday and slept real late today - hope it doesn't affect my getting to sleep tonight. I have been uploading Page's CD's to my computer so I can pick some for my iPod. I know - this is my second one - I gave the first one to Kurt because I never used it. Maybe I'll do better with this one. I had to promise Page I would use some kind of speakers in the car when I'm listening to it instead of putting the pods in my ear. She worries because I already have a serious hearing loss and she is afraid I'll miss hearing something important - like a car horn blaring at me to let me know I'm dancing too much while I'm driving? The thing is so tiny and slim I have a hard time holding on to it. So - I got everything uploaded to my computer and now I have to go through all the music and get rid of the ones I don't like because it is too many songs for my little iPod. Oh well. After I wrote some letters and had my study with Shen, I started working on a few projects I've been putting off. Before you know it - Page was calling to remind me we were supposed to meet at the WW meeting and then go to a little place near there for a wine tasting with tapas. As it happened, I was still LATE! Threw on some old pants, ran a brush through my unruly hair and raced over for the meeting. I think Page was getting worried but I did get a little of it. We drove a few blocks in the same little area and no one was at the Wine Cellar! Page called someone to check the computer and see if we had the wrong night but nope - it was tonight. Evidently it is a regular thing and you have to purchase the wine and tapas - hello? I looked but didn't find anything that really appealed to me. So much wine - so little time. We came home and washed our clothes with tons of them hanging everywhere in this apartment. We had a glass of our own KJ wine and ate some more of the delicious Taco Soup Page had made and visited some more. Going to miss this daughter of mine when I leave......but not going to think about that now.

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