Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deja vue

Will be short and not sweet. Waited way too long to go to doctor about wrist. Brace I bought for carpal tunnel wasn't working - was making it worse. Not using mouse didn't help - bad night last night and woke with it more swollen, red and hot. Saw same doctor who put the steel plate in my left arm when I broke it. After x-rays, she came in and said it was one of the worse cases of tendinitis she has ever seen. She then put a HUGE needle right into my wrist area (cortisone) and my Lamaze breathing didn't help at all. :)BigD isn't happy - I'm supposed to keep brace on all the time except for taking shower and one other activity. The therapist fit me with a brace with a strip of medicated pad under it. I have a few more strips and a prescription if I need more. She said they are very expensive and if I do exactly what I should, I may not need more. So - I'll be trying to do as little typing as I can. MAN - I should have gone before it got SO bad.

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  1. Nooo! What a bummer! Glad you finally went, sorry it's so bad. I hope it heals quickly.


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