Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another school project....another day

I "snatched" a few more pictures from FB - sad to say, I get lots of my best pictures from there. It was here I found a picture of Page's project for schoolI have to give credit where credit is due and that is to her Mom Leah who was a great student in school and thank goodness loves projects like this. We have been so proud of Page this school year and that pride extends to her wonderful Mom who spends so much time helping her. The really funny thing is her Dad loved projects too - he didn't like homework but he loved projects and that is another story. Today was a good day - mailed a lot of letter and some packages for Page then went to my favorite grocery store - Publix and picked up "stuff" for dinner tomorrow. Page stopped by Siam Square and brought home dinner for us and it was good - hot - but good. Leah has a job interview tomorrow - it is too far from home and she is getting a sinus infection but she plans to nail it if possible. Either way - she will have the experience of interviewing with a view to getting a job offer.Another picture of Hiro with his beloved Page while she finishes her Garfield book. We are watching AI with Bentley on the phone so all in all - a good day in Atlanta.

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