Friday, March 11, 2011

Busy but productive week.....

Well it has been a pretty productive week in "some" ways - barring the fact I can't do too much physically with my brace on and pay the price when I take it off. I have to get on BigD's books Monday and stick with them until I get them done or Dawn is going to kill me.Leah put this picture Page did at school on FB and I snatched it. She asked if we could guess what the little marks were and I guessed bird feet but guess what they are? DUH - Dandelion seeds - the flowers are at the bottom of the picture. She loves to blow them all over the yard. Leah said her Dad has a fit when she does it at his house. Isn't that the cutest? Oh - and I forgot to mention that Page made the A/B honor roll again - A's and one B. Good Job!!One of Jeri's daughter-in-laws was going through pictures to use at her Memorial tomorrow and sent me this one of I.T. and Mae square dancing years ago at the farm. I swear Mae is almost as pretty today as she was then. That is a very young Kurt behind them making faces - when I sent it to Page1, she said "Kurt sure is getting old". LOL. Further back you see their beautiful daughter who died two weeks after I.T. - bittersweet memories. As mentioned before, Jeri's oldest son and his entire family including his daughter, granddaughter andson-in-law (who is a distant cousin of mine) were all on a cruise the week Jeri died. His youngest sister and many other friends were with them which helped I'm sure. There are tons of pictures and Rie has shared some of the highlights of their time in different ports.Isn't that sweet? There were some lovely pictures of them all in dress clothes for dinner and they were all very good but I'm sorry - I think this picture tells a MUCH better story........yeah - looks like they were having just a little too much fun which I LOVE because they are such a hard working young couple who take such good care of their family.And I really don't think I need to say too much about this one. Yep - Rie and Ami are going to kill me!!! Roseanne and I had lunch at one of our favorite places yesterday - Parizade. It was soooooo good. I forgot to take pictures so as usual - I "snatched" one.It was great being together - seems like forever since we have spent any time together. A young friend just started working there and took good care of us. The bread, salad, pasta and creme brulee were to die for. Leah called to say they should be here in about an hour. I can't wait to see them. We are so happy for Leah who finally went on one interview and got the job. It starts Monday so we are going to keep it a low key weekend if we can. She will be working at Thompson & Litton - an engineering firm located about 50 minutes from where they live. I think she is glad to be going back to work even though she has been sick all week. I know they will love her and it seems to be a great company. Kurt has been having some health issues this week - hopefully allergic reaction to something. I picked up some Bob's BBQ, brunswick stew and slaw for them on my way back from the car dealership in Henderson.No windshield wiper fluid came out onto my windows and Cyn was going to help me program some things. I also needed to take the attachment for the Avalon that is needed to change tires. The battery power was also a little low and the remote starter wasn't working too well. After they worked on it, we tried to clean the windows and still no fluid. So he came out and opened the hood and had me try again. The hose wasn't hooked up so the water was going onto the underside of the hood. I had to wait for them to fix it so I'm glad I decided to go right after lunch because it was after 5pm before I got home. It still doesn't seem to work just right - I may have Bryant look at it. If it ain't one thing, it's another. Anyway - Duke won the game and my babies will be here soon.


  1. looks like they had a good time! I could tell those were dandelion seeds :) Glad Leah found a job, too bad it's so far away and I hope Kurt feels better soooon

  2. Love our time together!! We must do it again soon!! Glad you took the car in. Very glad about the job. Sorry she has to drive so far.


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