Thursday, September 8, 2011

And even more surprises.....

Had another one of those wake up at 3:30am and back to sleep close to 6:00am nights again so BigD didn't wake me before he left.  Roseanne text messaged me when she was coming over and I jumped in the shower real quick.  After visiting a bit, we went to lunch at the Grill and then had PEDICURES!!!!!
And then another surprise - Vera came out of the dentist office and saw my car with the little ladybug dancing in the front window and came right in to see us. She had come by the house and seen Marlan's car so she figured that was where we were. I was so glad she came in for two reasons - I have missed her and when I realized I had either left my phone in the car or the store next door where I bought some water, she found it for me! Whew. After that we came home and did our Family Study for tonight's meeting. So nice being with Roseanne after such a long time apart. Then BigD came in with another surprise...
My sweet little package from Sonia in France. I ordered this little pincushion she made and she included one of the tiny little wrist-bands she makes. She is the one who made the beautiful bigger one I bought Page2. I'm glad Page2 still loves and wears it. I need to figure out how to make links so I can share her blog and esty shop with you. If you would like to have it, just email me and I'll send it to you - or you can check out the blogs on the right side of my page. There are several wonderful artists on there. Have one more day of the horrible uber-strong antibiotic tomorrow and then hopefully I'll start really feeling better. I'm tired but am planning to go to the meeting tonight. Can't wait to see everyone. Dwight had a fishing trip planned but told the guys he couldn't go today because we were waiting for the phone call. Since we hadn't heard yet - I called and the doctor's assistant told me it "might" be tomorrow but if not wouldn't be until Monday and even may not be then. I told BigD to go. As I told Leah, I would rather he go and feel bad about leaving me than to stay home and we not hear until the middle of next week and me feel bad about him and his friends missing their trip. I guess after living with the man for almost 46 years - I've taken on some of his traits. Is that good or bad? Things that make you go hmmmm?

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