Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What a nice surprise....

Have been going through some old files and cleaning out "stuff".  Decided it was time to bring some order to my world of disorder which means lots of garbage bags will soon be full.  I find it is better to do it in "spurts" - as in "spurts of energy".
One of my "welcomed" interruptions was the delivery of these gorgeous flowers from all my babies! So sweet! Within a few minutes, there was another knock on the door and there was my beautiful sister-in-law - GG. She runs her errands in the early afternoon hours so as not to be on the road with a lot of traffic. We all appreciate her being so careful. She will be 82 next February and that is still so hard for us to believe. I was glad BigD came home while she was still here. He has a bill he wants me to invoice for him. Of course Princess Miya was all over her and even tried to scratch her when she ignored her. Reminder to self - take Miya to get her nails trimmed.
Funny thing is I had just opened an email from PetMeds and it had a picture of Miya on there. No - really - this picture was inset into a phony $5 bill with her name written under it. At first I thought it was just a picture they had inserted but as I look at it again, I think I might have sent them a picture I took of her - from the beach maybe? When I joined up, I had to tell what kind of cat I had and I figured they put that on the $5. I'll have to admit - either way - it is a great gimmick. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get my hair cut off AND please, a pedicure! Have felt better today - the really strong antibiotic still makes me sick to my stomach for awhile after I take it (yes - with yogurt) but I'm really looking forward to the meeting tomorrow night. I have missed everyone so much.

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