Friday, September 2, 2011

Something upbeat.....

Yeah - I think I need to write something upbeat after the last two posts I put on today.  I got a nice phone call from Kurt - he was driving and wanted to just check in.  As I've gotten older, I require less in the way of covers on my bed at night.  HOWEVER, I have had a hard time finding "one" thing that works.
Miya and I have enjoyed the lightweight blanket I've been using along with a summer quilt across the bottom of the bed. Lately, I've been waking up feeling a little cold. I decided to go ahead and order me a new comforter. BigD loved his comforter but wanted one that wasn't as hot as the one he had so I ordered him a "summer" or "lightweight" one and he loves it.  I used to love sleeping under my comforter but the feathers were starting to come through the cover and it was just too hot. Another thing I didn't like was it didn't come down on the sides long enough. I guess enough people complained because.....
they finally had one that is not only lightweight (and w/o feathers) but hangs down far enough on each side! Ta Da.....It came in the mail today.  I've already tried it out - one of the naps I'm forced to take when I take the meds - I LOVE IT! Miya visited me and seemed to like it too. Dwight fixed himself some shrimp for dinner and I ate a baked sweet potato and some left over roast.  Not very hungry.
Wanted to share pictures of two little boys who started kindergarten this week - one on the left is my great-great nephew and the one in the middle is Lee and Ann's Boy. Also a great picture of Keith with his Mom and Dad.  Keith stopped in to visit with me yesterday when he finished service. We ate some of Rie's leftover pasta recipe I had made and he said he liked it.  His Mom, Gail, has been so sweet in keeping up with me this week.  She has always been so encouraging to me.   Been getting sweet text messages from my fellow pioneers - I miss everyone and will be so glad to get back out and about and FEEL BETTER!

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  1. I love new bedding! And I'm glad you like yours. I think all bedding should be long enough to barely not touch the floor. I always order King size for our Queen bed. What website did you order from?
    I hope the meds make you feel better soon. I wish you were able to come with us today.


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