Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Old pictures......

I've really enjoyed looking at the older pictures I scanned several weeks ago with KarenH.  I cropped these two of Mama because I caught her in the act of trying on one of my bathing suits many years ago.  She was going to the beach and wanted something newer to wear.
This was the "caught ya" one I got as I walked into the bedroom and then she "posed" for the next one.
My beautiful Mama. She could find something to laugh about no matter what was going on. She had a wicked sense of humor but I can't think of anyone who didn't love her from the first time they met her. Some of her jokes could be a little rough (she worked at Liggett Myers Tobacco Company for 27 years and never forgot a joke) but she heard tons of them at work and never forgot one. Miss you Mama.

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  1. Yes, I do believe that I would have enjoyed your mother immensely. Love the pictures of her :)


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