Friday, September 23, 2011

Katarina and KennaKat

Not too long after Page left for work, I had a sweet visit from Katarina and KennaKat! When I say sweet - I mean sweet.
Not only did they bring me one of Katarina's flower creations (I love green - especially Sage), the brought me these two delicious treats!
We brought out what's left of the big pink bag of toys that are left from our last de-cluttering and she took a new baby doll home with her to add to her collection. Of course she was totally drawn to Princess Miya but since she hasn't had her nails clipped, I was a bit nervous. The good news is she is used to animals but we all know by now how quick "Princess" Miya can turn on a dime. They are getting ready for their week at the beach so I was really happy I got to see them before they left.


  1. I'm glad you like what we brought you! I hope you enjoy the treats when you get an appetite for something sweet. I hope you enjoy the flower brooch. It's not green though, it's grey...hope you like grey too ;) I'm glad you were home, we thought you weren't since your car was gone.
    Lovely seeing you as always :)


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