Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Wow - Happy 14th Anniversary Kurt and Leah!!!!! Sometimes it seems like Leah has always been my daughter and at other times, it seems like they just met a few years ago.  Congratulations you two on reaching this milestone!
On that note, it doesn't seem like it has been 7 years since we celebrated at the coast for that special anniversary when we were all together celebrating several things and Leah received her special gift that I hope she will always cherish. I know Mama would smile if she knew about it.  Every time this particular picture streams across my computer screen, it makes me smile.  Next year we will have to plan something special.  Since we can't go the coast for a week in September because of Page being in school now, maybe we could all meet at your place and do something with the whole family.  Let's talk about it at the beach in November.  You should be proud of yourselves - especially after the tough few years you guys have had but you survived the stress and worked through it together.  Now you both are in new jobs and Page2 is back at school and growing into such a wonderful young lady - you have much to be thankful for and should feel proud of yourselves.  I was going to scan your wedding pictures into the computer - however - like so many things I have been "going" to do, it hasn't been done yet.  Maybe in time for the 15th!  Whew - that gives me a year! :)  Love you.......

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