Thursday, September 22, 2011


Yeah- that is the only thing I could think of to call this entry.  I started to call it Up and Down or Yo-Yo but decided stuff would be more appropriate by the time I finish it. I just deleted everything I had typed and will just give you the "highlights".  Tuesday was a crazy day with three appointments - had three chunks of meat yanked from the bottom of my nasal cavity, had needles in my big toe and tip of my nose (OUCH) and places shaved and scooped out (nose sore but toe hurts), met with oncologist who had no clue I had even been diagnosed with Melanoma because the Pathologist never wrote a report before he left town until October.  On a plus side, we had lunch at Spartacus - one of my favorite restaurants from when I worked in that area.  We still had time before we met with the oncologist so we went to Foster's Market and I had their scrumptous key lime pie, Page got a huge brownie for later and ate one of the delicious chocolate chip cookies and she bought BigD a huge piece of coconut cake.
When we got home Tuesday, we had the sweetest surprise on the porch. Sweet Ann had brought us fresh eggs from her hens, and tomatoes and flowers and fruit, chicken salad and pasta from Whole Foods and of course a box of the best little sweets you could ask for from there also. I think the delicous croissants she brought are the best I have ever eaten.  I ripped a piece off and smeared it with Nutella - I think I heard singing. I put the flowers in Page's room for her to enjoy and they are starting to open up. Wednesday I spent three hours in the scanner - legs, full body, neck - crazy.  Love having radioactive material pushed through my veins while I drink yucky stuff mixed with Crystal Light then having contrast poured through my veins twice (makes your skin hot all over) in a freezing cold room by yourself moving back and forth through a doughnut that makes loud noises, thunks, clicks, beeps.  You get the picture.  Then we met with the two men who are over the Duke Center for Blood Conservation to give them my Medical Directive and sign their forms.  It was part the pre-op for those who refuse to take blood.  If you look at the picture in the top right corner, these are a few of the little gifts I received in the mail from my sweet Lin.  Little things I might need in the hospital and nice soap.  She is so sweet and thoughtful too. Another highlight was Keith coming over to eat spaghetti with us last night.  He called as he was going into a BS to see if Page was here and I told him to come eat spaghetti with us after the BS.  He did and they drank wine and got caught up and had me laughing myself silly at their silliness.  So that was Tuesday and Wednesday - did I do better keeping it short and to the point Keith? :)

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  1. Just the thought of a needle makes me cringe, let alone the thought of it going into my nose!..or toe for that matter. And the fact that they did so much chopping, ouch! :( You've kept your sense of humor though...the description of you alone in that room made me laugh, even though you aren't I'm sure. Love all the sweet gifts. Will you be home tomorrow?


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