Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky .....Stormy Weather

Billie Holiday was a beautiful woman. Her voice is one of the most recognizable voices in history. She was only 44 years old when she died.  I remember hearing about her from a young age.  It makes me happy that my parents both loved music.  I still love the old musicals we used to watch on TV.
The stormy weather we have been having all day made me think of her tonight and one of her famous songs. The picture of the tornado was taken in the North Durham area this evening when there were tornado warnings. It has been raining steadily for awhile now. We need it but I hope no one was hurt in any of the storms.  I wish I could say all the rain has cooled things off but it hasn't.  I went on the porch to get Miya about 30 minutes ago and it was steamy.  SO - went back to the doctor this morning and she did the
biopsy.  She said some of the swelling has gone down but there were still two little spots that didn't belong.  I didn't take any pain meds this morning so I could drive myself and was feeling okay but knew as soon as she cut the little chunk of meat out I was in trouble.  She numbed the area the best she could considering where it was and the actual cutting was the only thing that really hurt.  I'm to finish the antibiotics, keep taking the pain meds for another day (mostly for the biopsy area now) and watch for bleeding.  She told me we should know something in 48 hours.  We then talked about what we would do either way the test came back and have a plan of action.  Either way, she will continue to monitor this site until it has completely healed which it hasn't so far.
I still love my little ladybug Leah gave me at the beach. BigD looks out at it when he is on the porch and laughs at how it moves in the sun. It helps me be a better driver too - I don't make really sharp turns these days -- don't want to upset her. The little lump in my new comforter is Princess Miya waiting for me to come join her. I'm almost finished with the last of my Sigrid Harald Series by Margaret Maron.  Boy - this last one almost took my breath away in the very first sentences.  Now I can anticipate her new book coming out in November which has a nice surprise in it.  So - going to take my drugs and head to bed.  Hopefully I will have a turnaround day tomorrow and feel like getting out without being drugged.  If I don't get a pedicure soon, I'm going to trip over these toenails!!! MISS EVERYONE!

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  1. praying it's not bad news. Hope you are back to your old self really soon.


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