Monday, September 19, 2011

Scan, scan, scan....

Karen arrived Saturday around 11:10am to set up the slide scanner and get started scanning the slides that have my children on them.  First she looked at all the scans to find the ones we needed.  While she did this, I set up my scanner and started scanning some old pictures I've been planning to scan for several years now. BigD and Karen enjoyed getting caught up and we all enjoyed looking at the pictures.
After she found the pictures - she started trying to get the scanner hooked up. I finally called my computer guru (her nephew) and he said he would come over in a bit. By the time he came and got it going plus tweaking a few things on my computer, they were starved so she went to dinner with him and his family. She came back later and scanned all of the slides for me in no time at all. Whew - at least she knows how to do it now and will be able to scan all of her Mom's slides for her family.
Love these pictures of Page and Jeri's youngest son - she started out on the stoop, insisted on getting down, had her picture made with Scott and that was when she noticed the hem of her little pants were damp from the dew and Jeri said there was no stopping her - she was not going to wear wet pants. :) Believe me - from the time she could talk, she would let you know in no uncertain terms what she would not wear.
Awww look at Page with Kurt. If you look closely at the top picture on the right, you will see how big Kurt's "binkie" was.  It was the only one he would use and it pretty much fell apart and that was that! I think I'll keep my scanner right beside me so I will be more inclined to do more. You know, Jeri was such a special person - she truly loved all babies and was so used to having so many - what were a few more? Gave my babies good memories. Miss you Jeri.....

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  1. Page is ADORABLE! I love the pictures! Can't wait to see more :)


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