Thursday, September 22, 2011


It was so good being with Roseanne today.  She came over with the two bottles of KJ she had bought me and had a bite to eat with us.  I wish I wanted wine - maybe it would make things better?  I gave her my ticket to the ballet for Sunday - in case I decide not to go.  If I were going to have the surgery Monday or Tuesday, I knew I would want to be home with Page and BigD Sunday.  It turns out I'll not be that "fortunate".  Is this the third time I've mentioned the hurry and wait process?  Your rational mind tells you to understand that you are not the ONLY person in the world that needs surgery or has cancer but ya know what? That just doesn't help very much.  Kitty called from Dr. Scher's office a little bit ago and it will be October before I have surgery.  I know - crazy isn't it?  She was going to schedule me for pre-op with Dr. Scher on the 29th of September but he is already so booked and he had mentioned he wanted me to meet with the radiation oncologist so she has scheduled me for pre-op (where he will explain the surgery and all the risks) on October 4th and is in the process of setting up with the radiation people too.  They have to have the DaVinci robot to do the surgery and they only have two so he only gets it on certain Tuesdays. Hello?  That is the reason for the wait.  She has me definitely scheduled for surgery on October 17th but is going to try on Monday to change that to October 10th.  She will let me know Monday if it will be the 10th.  So that is where we are and I guess as soon as my toe likes shoes again - life will go on.  And that ain't too bad I guess..........We were hoping for the surgery next week so Page will more than likely be going home this weekend and will come back for the surgery.  I have really appreciated her being here to help us with all the stuff we are having to take in SO MUCH.  Thankfully she is able to work from home and is working as we speak.  BUT she really needs to be in the office as much as possible for when she HAS to be here working from home.  I'm going to miss her when she leaves but am grateful I can look forward to seeing Kurt, Leah and Page next weekend.  So that's all the news I have for now but please - since this has jacked my anxiety level back up a few degrees again - any prayers to get me back into the "zone" would be appreciated.

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