Friday, September 9, 2011

Good friends and GOOD news!!

Let's start with the GOOD news!! Dr. Sharpe called at 5:30pm and started the conversation by saying - This is Dr. Sharpe and I have GOOD news!  Isn't she wonderful?  She said there were no T-cells and another kind of cell and that was good news. She said other stuff but I was mostly hearing the two words - good news. I still have infection so she called in another 10 days of antibiotics, I'm to see her next week and then she is going to follow me for awhile to make sure it is all clear.  She said the reason I still feel so lousy is the infection (be a month Sunday) and that hopefully I'll start feeling better soon.  Yeah - I'm looking forward to feeling better and be in the mood to party.  I was looking at the pill bottle last night and found out it was the antibiotic that was making me dizzy.  So - I called Luz and asked her if she would drive me (in my car) to run two errands.  I just don't want to take any chances while on the meds - so she took me to the post office (we just found out our local branch might be closing down soon and that is a bummer) and the grocery store.  I needed some basics.  Then Keith picked up my meds at the pharmacy for me and came to visit for awhile. You all know what a good friend Keith is so I'll stop talking about that.  SO - I'm happy - happy to get the good news, happy to know the reason I still feel so bad and happy to have my new Doctor in my life (and corner).  Now there is one more thing that I think will make me feel a little better - a hair cut.  No really - it is sad how shaggy and bad my hair looks.  "There's a party going on right here - a celebration - to last throughout the year...."  - yeah --when I "really" start to feel better, I may just have to have a little party to celebrate with some of my girls.

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  1. YAAAAAY Sorry you still feel poorly but good to know that it will get better soon. love ya


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