Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another lovely day....

We have had some very nice days lately. Actually, a little too warm for this time of year but I have welcomed it since my old body doesn't do well with the cold at all anymore. Dwight had the chance to go fishing this weekend so I was on the phone trying to line up some baby sitters. Saturday night was easy when Deborah said she would be happy to but Thursday and Friday weren't as easy. I finally reached Karen and she said SURE - that she would be happy to stay both nights! Whew - I think Dwight was very happy when they pulled out this morning. I kept telling him I thought I would be okay alone if I didn't find anyone. That I would let Patsy and Alton know I was alone and they would be right next door but he said a big fat NO! Debbie came and cleaned yesterday and had some happy news for me. Thank you Debbie! Dwight and I are both very happy with the new arrangement.
I took these pictures of my "budding" Magnolia tree earlier this week when I walked. As mentioned before, I wasn't sure it was going to survive. It is far enough away from the house for the roots to do any damage and right beside the ditch which should provide it with enough water.
This is a picture from the road toward the back of my house down the side the ditch is on. See how far away the trees are from the road? See my old Avalon? This is a Google picture - cool.
This is how close those trees are to the road now. Yeah - they took quite a bit of yard away when they widened the road in front of the house. They also cut tons of trees down at the same time. It made us very sad.
These are the trees and undergrowth that grows across the ditch from my front yard. You can see the side of Patsy and Alton's house on the left.  I know it isn't very attractive during the winter months but I love the green it gives off during the Spring, Summer and part of the Autumn seasons. Right on the other side of them is our property line that looks like it is in Patsy's front yard but is actually ours. As I've mentioned several times, our property is like a slice of Pizza. Strange.
I decided to share a picture I "snatched" of Alice and Joyce from many years ago. I think this was around the time they decided to take swimming lessons. The lessons were on the same afternoon as our book study that was held at Joyce's house and they would come in right as the meeting started with hats on to cover their wet hair. That didn't last long. I don't think either one of them finished the swimming lessons. :)
I found this on the floor yesterday and kept trying to figure out what it was and then I remembered! It is what was left of one of the Panda eyes that Piglet got ahold of! I saw a video that Sherry shared on FB of Piglet playing with the Panda in her back yard. He seemed to really be enjoying his new toy. Poor Blind Panda. :) I have been studying for the meeting and getting some reading done. I'm still fighting the cold (yep - still getting the "green" stuff up) but hoping I will feel like going to the meeting after my shower. Karen will pick me up on her way if I do. If not, I will listen in and she will come here after the meeting to spend the night. I will have to get her to move "Prince" out of the back room if she wants to sleep on the waterbed (which everyone who stays here does). Happily, my house is very clean and I feel good about having someone stay. Thanks again Debbie!

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