Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good friends getting caught up.....

Boy, Biscuit and Jen came over during the early afternoon Saturday. Of course Jen brought goodies with her including some chicken salad and brownies from "chick fil a". Boy and Page picked up where they left off last time and were inseparable.
They still play so well together. Of course Biscuit found many ways to entertain herself. She has always made herself right at home anytime she is here which I love. We saved the box
Dwight's anniversary gift came in and Biscuit loved it. I love how Miya is trying to figure out what the little girl is doing in the box.
Don't you love this picture? I love her pretty sweater and she has her Mom's gorgeous hair.
I love the little flower on the hem of Page's jeans. Jessie had her dressed so cute all weekend. Her legs are getting so long it is hard keeping her in clothes. She is still quite small for her age. I asked her who she sits with on the bus and she said "name". I asked her how old he is and she said, "14, he is in the 8th grade" and I'm like "what?". I asked her if he thinks of her as his girlfriend and she was totally "no way". 
She was showing me pictures on her phone of friends on the bus and from the KH and this is the boy. Yeah - I think she is tired of answering questions about him. I know Jessie and Doug are on top of it so am not going to worry about it. :) I will post pictures of our anniversary gifts later. We both love what the kids bought us. I truly wasn't expecting anything this year since it is an "odd" year. Jessie bought everything but all of them went in on the gifts. I was so happy to have all of them at the meeting with me Sunday. Page sat beside me in the back and took very good care of me. She is so sweet. Always stopping whatever she is doing to come kiss me on the cheek and tell me she loves me. I've got more pictures and stuff to share but am getting pretty tired right now so will write more tomorrow maybe.  Hope everyone has a good night.

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