Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who's on first....

Ever have one of those kind of days? That's kinda the way our day started out today. We had an appointment with my primary lymphoma oncologist in his Chapel Hill office today. I noticed Dwight had gotten off the highway and was heading toward Erwin Road. I reminded him we were going to Europa Drive in Chapel Hill so we kept going until we got on Chapel Hill Blvd. By this time I had pulled out the GPS so he would believe me. Yeah. Anyway, after going to the wrong building (by now I had called to let them know we were a little late) we finally found our way to his office. I was filling out the paperwork when a nurse came out and sat down beside me. It was Latonya! What a nice surprise - she is working for my doctor! I had not seen her since they moved to Butner. She is going to the Creedmoor congregation now. We got caught up and she mentioned that her daughter was trying to get some medical interpreting jobs. I told her about how Sandy used to do this
and she asked if she might could give her some pointers. After she took me back and got my blood, she handed me a pad and pen and asked me for Sandy's information. Latonya is the one in green between me and Marlan on the back row at the Widen Out party I had in 2007. After she left the room, Dwight's phone rang (which means a very loud voice announces who is calling at least twice) at which time he answered it and talked very loudly to a customer. Then it rang again and again, he had a very loud conversation with another customer. We didn't have to wait long at all. Dr. Hathorn was completely up to date on all my treatments, appointments and my recent Pet Scan. He goes on-line and pulls everything up. He told me he knows the lymphoma oncologist I had seen at Duke and he thinks she is a good doctor. He gave me a gown and asked me to prepare for my exam at which time I handed him the note pad with Sandy's information on it and asked him to please give it to LaTonya. After he walked out, Dwight was shaking his head and saying he couldn't "believe" I had given the doctor the pad to hand to LaTonya. So I told him - "I sat here and listened to your phone that you refuse to lower the volume on when we are in public places ring twice after which you talked very loudly on the phone. We are both now old people so deal with it!" He mumbled under his breath with a smile on his face "speak for yourself". Dr. Hathorn gave me a very good examination. He stressed that he saw nothing on the PET scan and felt nothing in my abdomen that warranted any action. We agreed that Dr. Scher had been
right and the radiation took care of the one in my neck. (This is an older picture - his hair is totally white now.) He went on to say there were some new places in the abdomen and the one near my aorta is larger but he stressed again that it wasn't anything that warrants action. Then we talked about scenarios that would require action and what that action would entail. When I showed him the new little bump on my neck, he looked at it very closely. Then he looked at me and said, "it feels like a little granular bump and more than likely isn't anything to be concerned about, however, our experience with you tells us we can't take anything for granted. That means I want you to keep an eye on it and if it changes, you need to call me. For that matter, (and he stressed this) you need to call me if you feel concern about anything". He then talked to me about what he had read about my palate being fused and how concerned he was about that. I told him I was going to talk to Dr. Scher when I see him in January to see if there is anything we might could do about it. He was very happy to hear that. He wants me to let him know what I find out. After he stressed again to call him with any concern I have - I realized I was making the right decision to keep him as my Primary Lymphoma Oncologist.
I love this picture of Sidney, Alice, Monica and Tom. I snatched it from another site because I'm also going to post a picture of Prince.
Prince is Monica's bicycle Kelly has had since she rode it in the 2004 Bikeathon. She brought it to the coast and we brought it home for Monica to pick up. They both love this bicycle and have both had great adventures on it. Oh my! You will never believe this - my back lower molar just broke off.
At first I thought it was the crown above it but it is the actual tooth with a large metal filling in it on the bottom. Oh man - and my dentist will not be back in the office until next Monday. And it is already starting
to hurt a little so I don't think I'll be able to wait. I have been worried about my teeth for awhile now because the dentist has told me the dryness is very damaging to them. Okay - let me just go ahead and say it! GIVE ME A BREAK! There - now I feel a little better. Guess I will be in a dentist chair tomorrow.  I may just let them glue this back on for now until my dentist gets into the office. Depends on what they say. I feel tempted to say pull what is left of it but not sure what they will suggest. Either way, I'll have to be numbed and it is on the bad side of my mouth and neck.  Somebody just shoot me.
Yeah - I'm not serious about the shooting part......

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  1. Just finished getting caught up on your blog for the past week. I haven't read any blogs all week, and feel so behind! First off -Happy Anniversary!! 47 years! So wonderful :) Second -how are you feeling now? Has the cold passsed? Did you end up getting another cold? Brandon has been sick most of the week -just a yuck feeling. Third- I like your boots, Katie bought me a fuzzy pair for an anniversary present 7 years ago from costco and I still love them. So warm and comfy! Like wearing slippers that don't fall off. Sorry to hear you got locked out! Haha guys are great at listening aren't they?! ;) Good thing Debbie had a spare. Sorry about your tooth, are you going to wait for your dentist on Monday or did they go ahead and repair it? Miss you, love -Katie


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