Monday, December 10, 2012

Forty-seven years.....

It truly is hard to believe that it was on a Friday night forty-seven years ago that Dwight and I got married. Since I've already posted pictures of our wedding night along with a story about it, I don't plan to write very much about it now.
I will post this one cropped picture one from that night so long ago. We have wished each other happy anniversary several times today but decided not to spend any money because we can't think of anything we want right now. Patsy C. and I traded emails last night and got to know each other a little better. It turns our she and Al will be celebrating their second anniversary this coming Friday.
Debbie picked me up and drove me to Kohl's this evening. I purchased the boots I fell in love with (Karen has a pair like them) as well as a pair of knit gloves that have the fingertips out but has a mitten top to pull over them when it is cold. I decided this morning I was going to be more active so after my shower, I took a nice walk in the yard. The breeze was very nice but when I got back inside, I started perspiring profusely. I finally calmed down but when we got back in the car at Kohl's tonight, it was even worse and didn't calm down until long after I had gotten back home.   I have an appointment in the morning with Dr. Hathorn, my Lymphoma Oncologist. We will be going to his Chapel Hill office. Hopefully, things haven't changed that much.  After I was home for a bit, I noticed I was feeling chilled but guess what? Now I'm feeling to warm again. Dang it!  Hopefully, things will calm a little over the next few days. If I feel up to it tomorrow, I plan to call Debbie and get a few return visits I would love to make. But I think I'll just go to bed for now and play it by ear about making a few return visits.  Happy Anniversary Sweetie.

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