Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of the year 2012.....

Thought I would start my last post of this year with a picture of a beautiful sunset.
My phone camera doesn't do it justice but it didn't last long enough to get a good shot. This was actually right before it got dark.
I have to share this picture I snatched from Jessie's Facebook. This snowman Page made represents just how much snow they actually got. I thought it was so cute. Of course, I think anything with Page in it is cute. Last Friday I put a few pictures up of my friends from Hawaii including a picture of some bunnies Lil Mi makes.
This is an example of some of the other little "critters" she makes and sells through a local boutique. She is developing quite a reputation. I placed Katrina's order for two and another one for me today. I really love her work.
I had to share this adorable picture of Lil Mi I snatched of when she was just a wee little thing of 20 months old. She is going to kill me when she sees that I shared it but I had to. My Kelly is going to love this picture and since she isn't on Facebook, this is the only way she will get to see it. She looks so much like her Dad here.
It took me awhile but I finally got the diamond earrings Barbara Ann gave me in my back holes. I haven't had earrings in the back holes for quite awhile. I like the way Amy cut my hair yesterday. It was getting too long and the sides were crazy. I have always had natural wavy hair but we can't get over how actually curly my hair is now. I know it is from the radiation because the material I read says your hair may change into a different color and/or texture. I like the natural curl but my hair is much thinner and straighter on the top of my head. Oh well - you can't have everything.
This is the ring Amy gave me yesterday. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is yellow gold but on either side of the strips with the tiny diamonds is white gold. It is really pretty. I mentioned it while she was cutting my hair and she took it off and said you can have. I said - No and she said she had two more just like it so I said, "Thank you very much." I like that it fits me. She is going to take me to someone she trusts to have my other rings sized down.  Look at my poor old hands. 
This is what I have to put up with when I drink my Ensure now. Miya gets right in my face like she is  telling me to hurry up because she wants to lick the lid. After she licks the lid, I put it back on and shake it up so she can lick it again. I know - I spoil her rotten. I'm going to take her for her shots and check-up as soon as I can get an appointment. I'll ask the doctor then if her getting those little dabs of Ensure is bad for her. I hope it isn't because she loves the stuff.
We got this picture from Jessie with the caption, "Sweety loves her crackers". She really is a sweetie and so tiny. When Jess and Doug lived in the big house on Hamilton Road they had another little Dwarf Hamster they named Buford. Dwight and I fell in love with the little thing and loved it when they put him in his little exercise ball that he rolled all over the house. Dwight and I both keep thinking it is Friday night instead of a Monday. He has already talked to Douglas and is now talking to Kelly about how to cook something. I got to speak to Douglas for a few minutes and he sounds good. Samantha has one more vacation day and then it will be back to school for her. I had a nice long chat with Zandra earlier. She seems to be feeling better but I will feel better if they can figure out what caused the seizure. Just got to speak with Kelly for a second and she sounds good. Guess this is good-bye to 2012. I'm really hoping 2013 will bring good things for everyone.

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  1. Love the pictures. Can't believe it is 2013.


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