Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seventy-nine years ago today...

Seventy-nine years ago today, Mama and Daddy got married. He was on crutches wearing bedroom shoes due to a bad infection on his feet. I've looked but couldn't find a scanned picture of them together. I'm sure I will find one
a few days from now. This is a real old one of Daddy taken in a studio. Notice the colors. It looks like they were painted on doesn't it? Then we have this older one of Mama that was taken in Kittrell.
She had her hair wrapped like that because she had washed it and rolled it in pin curls with bobby pins. It was taken before she got pregnant with me if I remember correctly what she told me. It was around the time the war ended which would mean sometime in 1945.
This is a picture of Mama, Gma King and Daddy taken in December of 1966 at Faye's house. These next two pictures tell you a little about
her personality. Her sense of humor was boundless. The one with Sidney makes me smile because he could always make her smile so big. The other was taken by me one day as I was getting ready to leave her house. She is letting me know she didn't want her picture taken. Mama and Daddy were in love from the time they met in high school when Daddy moved to her neighborhood. They were married 46 years when Daddy died February 12, 1980. We all missed him - especially Mama. Now I miss both of them....every day. Wish I could say Happy Anniversary........

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