Sunday, December 9, 2012

Where to being....where to end...

Have a lot of little things to share - nothing earth shattering or important - just trivial "stuff". Of course, this isn't "trivial" to me.
Alton picked up our mail for me and brought it to me Friday. I have been telling him how pretty I think Rex is and that I hoped to meet him one day. I took my phone on the porch with me because he had brought Rex to meet me! I started taking pictures of him but he was too excited and all over the place so none of them turned out. He did let me love on him a bit though. Alton was talking at the same time and walked toward the back door that I had left ajar. As he walked toward the door, I said, "don't shut the door - the lock is on", he put his hand on the door knob and I said "don't shut the door - the lock is on", and then click - he shut the door. So I'm sitting on the porch, Dwight is at the coast and I don't have a hide-a-key outside any longer. We were locked out. Thank goodness I had my phone and that Debbie was at home (taking a nap) and that she didn't mind bringing me her key to unlock the door. I hated we woke her from her nap but made sure I told her whose fault it was. :-)Patsy sent me the picture above since none of the ones I took of Rex looked like anything but a blur.
Cami looked so cute at the meeting Thursday night. I love the color of the flower in her hair.
I appreciated Matt bringing Cellus by to see me. He said a very nice prayer before he left. He looks good and seems to be happy. I know Matt must miss him from time to time. Happily, they have had a nice long visit this time. Of course Miya had to put her mark on him and he left convinced she loves him more than she does anyone else.
I received my sweet package from dear Sonia. She lives in Montpellier, France and makes the coolest things. I really love the hexagon shaped coaster and use it under my water bottle. She also makes her own dyes and has some lovely scarves. Hopefully, I will be able to purchase one in the future. I love her blog because it isn't just about her crafts and art work but is also about her little family, where they live and where they like to visit. Another thing I received yesterday was my Real Simple magazine. Yum. I do like this "simple" magazine.
I love this cartoon. It makes me think of my own fridge. Actually, my fridge has been looking just a little better since I cleaned it up a little.
I know, still too much "stuff" but it is "stuff" that I love.  That isn't all there is either!
I've already told Bets that I was going to post this picture on my blog. She put it on FB and made me laugh when she said she decided to "blow" the leaves and then turned around and here comes Rusty with the tractor.
I love a man who knows what to do with a tractor. Her brother and his wife have been at Bethel in Brooklyn for many years and are spending some time in a cabin that is located at Wallkill. I plan to print and frame this picture when I get a chance. I totally enjoyed having Karen with me both Thursday and Friday night. I tried her boots on and fell in love with them. She said she would check to see if they still have them but she might have forgotten that. Dwight came home a day early so Deborah didn't have to come stay with me on Saturday. Steve's father-in-law took a turn for the worse so they came home for him to be with Judy and help where he can. I have felt like I'm getting another cold and haven't really gotten over the first one. Maybe it is just more "stuff".  It doesn't change how I feel whatever is causing it. I listened in to our meeting today but learned lot of our friends "visited" the congregation where the CO and his wife are serving. Uh huh.  Can't say I didn't think about it myself.  My neighbor Patsy and I got to know each other a little better via emails tonight. We found out we have a lot in common.  I am very happy for her and Alton.  They deserve the happiness they are both enjoying these days.
One last picture - another "steal" from FB. "Laguna Beach, CA moonset". Picture says it all.

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