Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday all day long....

It has been a pretty quiet day today. I did have some company earlier when Tonisha, her lovely daughter Chirice and another friend stopped by this morning while in service. She looked so pretty and it turns out, she had gotten her hair done earlier this morning. I so wish I had gotten a picture of her with Chirice who also got her hair done. I have truly enjoyed getting to know her a little better each time we are together. I didn't realize Dwight was in the kitchen when I was telling her all about the first time I ever saw him. I've told the story on here before so will be brief. We had moved back outside the city limits when I was in the second grade. After the following summer when I was going into the third grade, I was sitting on the school bus when it stopped at his house to pick him up. (That was the only time my bus ever took that route because we never picked him up again.) When I looked out the window and saw him; my young 7 year old heart did a little flip-flop. I remember sucking in my breath and thinking how beautiful he was. He had a deep tan, his hair was very blonde and there were a few freckles across his nose from being in the sun all summer. After that, I would always be aware
of his presence if he was anywhere in the vicinity of where I was. About that time, I heard him mutter under his breath - "good grief" - and I laughed because I didn't know he was in the kitchen listening to me. Tonisha thought it was so sweet. It wasn't until Kelly was 14 years old that he confessed to me how he used to notice and watch me too when we were kids.
It was good seeing Alice and Sidney for a nice visit. Alice remembered to bring me a Jeremiah book for our Bible Study. I have no idea what I did with mine.  Dwight kept telling them to not touch us or anything we touch so they wouldn't catch our colds. Sidney said a very nice prayer for me before they left. He promised that the next time he would hold my hand while he prayed. So sweet. Then he asked Alice if she was ready to get them out of my dangerous driveway. It really is a nightmare since they messed up the street in front of our house. I will not be able to breath a sigh of relief until he has had the MRI he is scheduled for to find out why he is having such bad headaches.  Praying for good news from that.

I like this picture of Dwight's parents taken at their 50th wedding anniversary party some years ago.
It really isn't the best picture of either one of them but what I do like about it is
this part of the picture. Still holding hands after 50 years. We have been talking about both of them a lot today. I miss both of them very much. They were very good to me and always made me feel a part of the family. When Dwight was in the Navy and I would stay with them, we would go on some adventures to the coast from time to time including sleeping in the car one night. :)
Miya has been a busy girl today also. She made it her personal goal to greet and entertain all our guests. She was in such a sweet mood and so loving to everyone who came. I was very proud of her. She got very tired and took a nice long nap on my lap later today.  Matt came by and worked on my Kindle for me.  He showed me how to "unlock" it when I "accidentally" lock it. Duh again. He also got me set up on Instagram on my iPhone but now I can't seem to get the pictures on my computer so am so hoping he doesn't mind coming back tomorrow to help me with that.  His Mom and Dad came back from their nice week at the coast this afternoon. He got the feeling they had a wonderful time.   I gave him the card we had for his Mom to give her. Not sure I will make it to the meeting tomorrow because of this cold. Will make the decision tomorrow - because as Scarlett would say - "after all, tomorrow IS another day". 

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