Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting caught up with an old friend......

I had a nice phone call from my friend in Honolulu last night. I met her in the early 80's when she and her daughter came here for the American Dance Festival. A brother asked me to help them while they were here for the month they would live here. She rented a small furnished apartment right across the street from Duke where the ADF takes place. I provided her transportation to the meetings and for other adventures.  We were pretty inseparable that month and have been friends ever since. She and her daughter came back for several visits over the years, then she came alone for several years - but it has been quite awhile since we have seen each other and much has happened during that time. Her Mom died, her daughter got married and had a child and she lost her husband a few years ago. She had her house torn down and built a new one on the same site which now houses her in the downstairs and her daughter, son-in-law and darling grandson in the upstairs. I think she had me on speakerphone because I could hear her daughter answering some of my questions in the background. There used to be three Mimi's. Her mother (Miriam), her and her daughter whom we call Little Mi.
This is a picture of Mi, Little Mi, her son-in-law and grandson. I wonder if Little Mi would have named her little boy Mi if he had been a girl? I'll have to ask her that the next time we talk. I friended her on FB and have snatched a few pictures from her page to share.
This is Mi's grandson and I think he is very handsome young man. He looks a lot like his Gma and his Dad. Little Mi has done some modeling and acting. She had a role on Hawaii 5-0 not too long ago and I got so excited when I got to see her brief little part on TV!
Little Mi truly is a beautiful woman. She got her looks from both of her talented parents.  Her Dad  was a famous artist. He painted huge murals that are in a lot of the public buildings in the Islands and other places. He would occasionally take a sabbatical and they lived in England for awhile. They also lived in Virginia some years ago and we got to see each other then too.
These are two pieces of his work. I'm very honored to have two small pieces (little pieces he did that he would copy later onto a larger canvas).  She  brought me the first one and had it matted and framed for me. The second one she sent to me and I had it matted and framed. They are both in my living room on the wall and I always think of them when I look at them.  They had a huge show of his work several years ago and both Mi's were thrilled by the turnout,
I like these pictures of her grandson with her Dad in one and Little Mi in the other one.  Mi recently had hip surgery and she said it went very well. She seems to be pleased with the results. All those years of dancing, choreography and teaching finally took their toll on her body. Little Mi came from two extremely talented and creative people who both made their living with their talents and art. She and Little Mi both participated in the ADF when they were here. I subscribed to ADF for several years and enjoyed it very much.
Little Mi makes these little bunnies and other "stuffed-sock" animals and a local boutique keeps her very busy selling them as fast as she can make them. Back when she first got started with this she sent me one. I still have it and love it. The famous artist, Margaret Keane, used to live in the islands. Both Mi and I loved her work and one year, Mi brought
a doll that looks a whole lot like this one for Kelly. Margaret now lives in California. Mi loved coming here and going out in service with me. It was so much fun for her to actually meet people at the door as that is very hard to do where she lives with all the gated communities.
I am very happy that she called and that we could have a few laughs and get caught up a little. She has called several times during the past year but this is the longest we have talked. She was very careful not to let me talk too much or tire me out.  I'm happy to say I made it to the meeting tonight in spite of the wet, cold weather AND I got to make a comment. Randy, Abi and JoJo brought me (and chair) home tonight (Linda had to take Drewby home early - he got sick - bad cough going on) and I really appreciated it.  Such a sweet family.  Lucy sat with me until her back started bothering her.  Matt also sat with me for a little bit toward the end of the meeting. Everyone was so sweet as always.


  1. So glad you got caught up. Love the pics

  2. Those bunnies are so cute, does she have a website?


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