Friday, December 28, 2012

Some pictures to get caught up....

I will try to keep this post to mostly pictures and not too many words. Just wanted to share a few more from our fun time this past weekend with family and good friends.
We were disappointed that Douglas had to work half a day on Monday which made it a short weekend with them.
A picture of some of my favorite people getting ready to go out in service. They all look pretty spiffy here don't they? I miss Geral and Sheila...they need to come see me. Might try to guilt trip them. :)
I love this picture of Dante "buying out the opportune time" to read his magazine while waiting for the group for service I'm thinking. He is doing so well. I know John and Joan are both proud of him.
Speaking of service, everyone is trying to get the message out. Fell in love with this. Thanks Sue.
I snatched this from Lil Mi's Facebook. It looks like the hip surgery was a big success and now she just has to get the therapy out of the way and will be as good as new - hopefully.
It rained and rained and rained this past Wednesday. As if that wasn't bad enough, it was also very cold. I'm just glad it didn't freeze. I don't even want to think about how bad that would have been.
I snatched these beautiful pictures of P and K from Heather. There were so many gorgeous pictures it was hard to decide which ones to share. It is obvious K is going to be a wonderful "big sister". As I recall, Bryan and Kevin were wonderful "big brothers" to their baby sister. Speaking of babies, we just got off the phone with Pam and she was telling us Randi is having a little boy! How exciting! Pam and Leif had three beautiful daughters so this will be their first little boy. We might ride down there this weekend to spend a couple of nights with Pam and Leif and visit GG. I would enjoy that so much. Dwight is suffering from cabin fever so I know it would be good for him too.  I've been so worried about Zandra. Long story short, she passed out and fell right on her face busting her nose and lip. They ran some tests and said she suffered a seizure.  While she was in the hospital getting these tests, Mike had to call an ambulance and follow it to take Doris to another hospital because she has double pneumonia. They sent Zandra home with anti-seizure medication and her doctor will follow up. Poor babies - between Mike, Eric, Crissie and Alex, they had to take care of Amy (just had surgery), Zandra and Doris while making sure Bailey was okay.  Thank goodness everything is calming down now. Last night Alton and Patsy (thank you guys) let me catch a ride with them to their meeting so I could hear Marlan's grandson give his first talk. Her entire family (minus Garry who had to work) were there for the talk.  He did such a good job.  His Dad had a talk also and as usual, he did a great job too. I was sad I didn't really get to speak to Pat and Kris.
Marlan has such a sweet and supportive family.  I wish I had gotten a picture of all of them.  I will have to admit the picture below is special to me for several reasons. Of course I'm always happy to get a picture of Katrina with her pretty little baby bump but also of this sweet sister with her, Grace. I studied with Grace many years ago. Lora was studying with her and asked me to take it over.
Lora's son Steve was studying with her husband Leon. I studied with Grace for quite awhile before I spoke to Gerome about an idea I had. I felt like it would be better if a couple were studying with Grace and Leon as a couple. Gerome agreed and after talking with Steve, he and Lillie took over the study. She was talking last night about how she wasn't happy when I first turned her over but laughed about how she now saw what a good thing it was. She has been regular pioneering for quite some time now. I'm very proud of her.
I can't believe how grown Chelsea is. It was good seeing Brenda last night. It has been a long time since I've talked with her. She looks great. I took a picture of us but believe me, she will thank me for deleting that one. lol I almost forgot to show you what the kids got us for our 47th anniversary. We really weren't expecting anything and were both surprised. When we were at the coast in November, evidently Dwight mentioned something about an electric George Foreman grill that was in the condo we rented.
So they bought him one for our anniversary. It is very nice and I know he (we) will enjoy it.
This picture does not do it justice but this is the coat they bought me. It is SO NICE. I will get Dwight to take a picture of it on me. It is suede, fits like it has been tailored to "fit perfectly", comes to my mid-thigh, has a fur lined hood and is very warm. I feel quite "chic" in it.
It is now time to sign off and finish my Bojangles sweet iced tea. Yum. I have really been enjoying tea and coffee again.

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