Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pretty girl who likes pink......

Still hoping something will turn around and I'll start feeling better again. Had a "real" "upset" stomach today with an "upset" visit to the bathroom. Not sure what is going on. I ate some of Dwight's soup
tonight so hoping it isn't that or I will more than likely have another "upset" visit to the bathroom. Time will tell. I really hope it isn't the soup since I had him freeze some for me for later.
I love the head band Pam sent me. She is a very talented woman. The buttons on the back allow someone with a smaller head to wear it too. I wore my gloves today when I walked in the yard but don't think they are very warm. The hand that had the mitten part pulled up didn't keep the tips of my fingers warm at all. I couldn't walk but about 2 1/2 laps. So who is the pretty girl who likes pink besides me? yuk yuk... Zandra's beautiful granddaughter Bailey has epilepsy. November was National Epilepsy month and everyone was encouraged to wear purple - the color for Epilepsy.
This is sweet Bailey with her Papa and evidently she likes PINK. Check out the cool boots (and the pink rope below) her Papa and Grandma got her.  They are so cute. She has decided she wants to do what 'Sa does (Alexa) - Rodeo! That would mean she needs to start riding soon and knowing Papa, he will make sure she does ---
on her new horse! She has named it Sissy. Even the halter on Sissy looks pink!  That is her pretty "college girl" cousin 'Sa beside her. Doesn't she look excited! Sissy is a gift from --- yeah - you guessed it - Papa and Grandma! Grandma's last words to me awhile back were, "no more rodeo, we can't do any more rodeos".  You have to laugh.
Here she is with her Papa on a bigger horse. Of course, I'm not saying she will be able to do rodeo but she can certainly learn to ride well. Evidently the movement of riding will be good for her.
They are also hoping to train their little doggie to be an Epilepsy dog who will sense when a seizure is about to happen. So hope that will happen sooner than later. Evidently he stays pretty close to her already which is good.
All I know is she is one cutie patootie. I snatched tons of pictures from FB of her with her Mom and Dad in some great pictures of all of them. Look at that face - makes me want to squeeze her.

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