Friday, December 14, 2012


My sweet dentist worked me in Wednesday to fix my tooth. It turns out it was a crown after all so all he had to do was clean it up and pop it back on (with stronger adhesive). He also wrote me a prescription for more mouthwash and stressed again about using biotene, the special toothpaste I'm to put on my teeth at night and leave and to chew the biotene gum as much as possible. Between the radiation and my extremely dry mouth I could lose my teeth if I'm not very careful. Yea!! It hasn't been a great week as I've been feeling pretty lousy for the most part.  I even had to listen in to the meeting last night. Dwight and I are trying to figure it out. I have been fighting a bad headache off and on all week (not a migraine) that comes and goes and got pretty bad yesterday and last night. I have also been sneezing (believe me - that is painful since I can't sneeze out of my nose - it feels like my head is going to pop open) off and on since yesterday so I'm wondering if I'm fighting another cold that is much worse than the other one was. Or maybe the other one wasn't really a cold, or I never got over it and it is getting worse. I finally asked Dwight - how will I know when it is a cold and not just more of what I've been dealing with for over a year now?  He agreed - so who knows? I've been taking Tylenol for the headaches. I did go for a walk this afternoon when it had warmed up a little and the sun was nice and bright. It was still a little cold for me so I only did 5 laps. I was so disappointed last night. The Geminid meteor shower was supposed to be visible between dusk and dawn but I never saw it. If it was southwest of where we live, I wouldn't be able to see it anyway because of all the lights. We see very few stars for the same reason. Makes me sad. No - the tooth and meteor shower isn't the whimsy I was talking about.
This is the kind of whimsy I was talking about. I have run across several whimsical pictures lately and thought I would share a few of them.
Since I enjoyed them so much, I thought some of you would also. They make me think of Tinkerbell. I remember talking to Rose about fairies back when I first met her when she had invited me to house/cat sit for her 500 year old stone cottage in the Forest of Dean. She said she and Nick had talked about it many times about how sad a world would be without make believe in it. Maybe that explains why I like cartoons as much as my kids ever did. Why I still enjoy movies like Finding Nemo, Shrek, Lion King, Rapunzel, Cinderella and - oh, you get the picture.
This one reminds me that my love of the whimsy started with reading. I have devoured books and magazines since I first learned to read.  I have several books I'm hoping to read but am waiting until I no long take the Oxy so I can remember from day to day what I've already read. I'll be watching a TV show and Dwight will come in and say, "you just watched that last night". Then I tell him not to tell me the ending because I want to enjoy it - for the first time - again.
I feel like I know exactly what the inside of this little house would look and feel like. It would have plain wooden floors that are scrubbed clean and smooth, a simple hand made table and chairs,  a pitcher of wildflowers on the table, and a black kettle on the stove for heating water to make beautiful cups of tea with honey.  Whimsy takes you to another place - a lovely place with soft breezes, warm sunlight, a good cup of tea, sweet cats and dragonflies (instead of fairies).  Hopefully, you get the whimsical picture.

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