Monday, February 28, 2011

Atlanta day 10 ......

For some reason, Page and I both had a hard time getting to sleep last night. It is the first time it has happened like this since I've been here. Wonder if it was something we ate? Since Page was already planning to work from home and I still had some letters to write to round out my time for the month, I figured we would sleep a little late. That wasn't to be - my phone rang around 7:45ish and it was Darrell calling from home to let me know a dear friend had died a little earlier this morning. I knew as soon as I heard his voice what he was going to say. You have seen a similar picture of her on another entry in my blog that was taken the same day in the Autumn of 2009 when I had 10 of my favorite women for lunch. See the hand resting on her shoulder? Well she is a friend we lost this past August and I'm really getting tired of losing my special friends and loved ones. I called BigD and then Leah so she could be the one to tell Kurt then I started crying and before I knew it, Page was laying in bed behind me all wrapped around me crying a little too and Princess Miya kept walking back and forth and butting me because she felt distressed too. After a bit, I called some other old friends to let them know so they could let others know and then I was pretty much done. We were going to wash clothes today (and there are a lot of them) but we had to run some errands first so after lunch we took a break. I had noticed two little shops and Page decided today would be a good day to stop in one of them.They are in two older homes and one is called Love Street and specializes in garden and home and the other one is this one. It has the greatest "stuff" in the world. I had bought a new wallet at Target because Page kept complaining about my old one being so worn out. When I tried to put everything in it, it became obvious pretty quick that it wasn't going to work. So I found several here that I loved but they were way too expensive. Then my eyes found this little jewel.I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It is made the way my Mom's old wallet was made except it is soft blue leather with pretty red cherries....and yep - one on the back. I put everything I need in it (with a few cards left over that fit into a small black ID pouch from the old wallet I can keep stashed in my purse) and I was set. Now for the best part - it was 50% off! Woo Hoo! I also bought Leah a little surprise for when I see her so I was feeling pretty good. We ran all our errands ending with stopping by the office to get change for the laundry. Long story short - the thunderstorms they were calling for came rolling in while we were working and we decided NAH - not going to do laundry today. When the first storm had rolled through this evening, we decided to run down the street for some Mexican. It wasn't as fancy as Lime but was delicious and less than half what we spent there so we were happy. Now we are home in our PJ's with Page still working on a training module for work and me getting my blog caught up. I'm waiting to hear what the arrangements are going to be for the Memorial and thinking of her and her beautiful large family constantly. She has touched so many lives and will be missed you Jeri.


  1. So sorry about Jeri :( I know you will miss her deeply. I didn't know her well, but what I did know, I liked very much. It's hard losing the people in our lives that mean so much. My heart goes out to you and her very large family. Keep me updated on her funeral please.
    Love the new wallet!
    I've been keeping up with your Atlanta trip, but my internet has been on the fritz for over a week now. This is the first time it has let me post something, so I'm going attempt to get caught up on all the things I've wanted to say to your older posts. Glad you are having a good trip and getting much needed sleep and rest. Hopefully last night was a rare one and your sleep cup will overfloweth again :)

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  3. Thanks Kat - will have to admit I was wondering where you were? :)


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