Friday, April 1, 2011

First day of Fourth month of 2011.....

It was a gorgeous day today. Got to spend all day in service with Eileen and the other friends. Everyone had a wonderful day and we are all uber excited about the special activity this month.
After service, I led Gail to the location of our natural phenomenom - the "boob" tree! I got my telephone out and got a better side view. I told Gail that I had thought about calling the local TV station but decided that would be so unfair to that little neighborhood. I'm thinking that pretty soon "she" will have her leaves and all the trees around her will give her a little "cover".
I also wanted to share a picture my niece shared of her daughter's new house. I know they must be so excited - she is pregnant with her second child and they will need the extra space for their growing family. She already has the cutest little boy and knows she is having a little girl. Such an exciting time in life isn't it? I was happy to get a voice mail from Page letting me know she was back in town and on her way home (her home). Hopefully we will find time tomorrow afternoon to get caught up. I DVR'd American Idol so I could watch and talk about it with Page. She kind of got me a "little bit" hooked on it. I really don't like when people are voted off the show because they work so hard and yet - they have all gotten some wonderful exposure and suggestions from many professionals which will help them along the way.
I snatched this picture of Travis and Peyton from FB to share with the kids. Travis lives in another city with his wife and two babies which still blows my mind. Wasn't it just yesterday he was a baby?
This is a picture of Travis with his lovely wife. I know Brenda is proud of him and she adores her grandbabies as much as she does her own children. I had a part on the meeting last night - Ray interviewed me even though I begged him to get someone else. I do fine in demonstrations (as long as I'm role playing as someone else) and talks but have a hard time talking about my own experiences. His part was cut very short so I didn't have to say too much but my voice still quavered (yes - that is a real word) and I hate that. I don't know how the brothers do it week after week.
And last but not least, I had to post this picture Da-niece sent me. I know - it's really Denise but there is a joke about her name we still laugh about after all these years. Isn't she cute? This was taken a l o n g time ago. :)

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