Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another gorgeous day.....

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood today. Before I left for the meeting, BigD and I both got a picture from Kurt with the text -
"the squirrels have taken up residence". Since we are both senior citizens and blind as bats, we didn't see the text right away and immediately we both responded. BigD said - "what did you say?" and I said "something about the squirrels" and I said, "what did you say?" and he said, "Page". I hope Kurt sent Page the picture too. While I was at the meeting, I heard my phone vibrate and leaned down to look at it - it was another picture of Page2 from Kurt after her Mom used the flat iron on her hair
with the text "very Dr. Seuss". Awww, Page is growing up too fast for me. I'm not getting to see it gradually since they live so far away and it is shocking me every time I see a picture lately. Where is my baby girl? I know, she will always be my baby girl. After the meeting I called Rose and asked her if she and Wayne wanted to meet me for lunch somewhere. We hooked up at the Golden Corral over near where they live. After lunch, I asked them if they wanted to go for a ride in my new car. After riding for a bit, we decided to go see a dear old friend who lives out that way. We had a great time with them - especially once her hubby came home and everyone started talking at once. After I dropped them off to get their car, I stopped by one of my favorite places -
I used to stop in here on my way to work several mornings a week to get a fresh scone and some delicious coffee. YUM. I also used to grab lunch when I could and even though I seldom get on that side of town, when I do; I take advantage of it. I bought some of their famous tarragon chicken salad, a scrumptious veggie-veggie pasta, key lime pie and pecan pie.
One of the best things about this market is the variety of furniture she uses both
inside and out. No matter what the weather, you will usually see people eating outside - and when the weather is as nice as it was today -lingering after their meals if they have time.  As I said, I very seldom get on that side of town anymore and like everywhere else in our growing city, things have changed.  It was nice to see this place hasn't changed - if anything it is better.  So if you ever get to our neck of the woods, head on over there and try their coffee, everything from their deli and kitchen, and the unique items they have on the shelves you can't buy in the everyday supermarket including some candies and even little toys from by-gone days.

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