Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random pictures, thoughts......

For some reason I have been thinking a lot about my children these past few days. Maybe it is because I've been home feeling under the weather? Could be - and yet - they are never far from my mind and heart. Then I think about my Mom and what a phenomenal woman she was. I have missed reading my daughter's blog.  She stopped writing on her blog for a long time and I think she got tired of people asking her why (me included).  Then I checked by to see if there was anything new and it said I had to have a password.  She said she had taken it down for awhile. I'm sure part of that is because she is one busy woman. The funny thing is I kept my blog going to start with almost 100% because of her but now I am thinking about stepping away from blogging myself. I love following a few blogs - especially those of people I know personally. At times I feel like my blog has become redundant or maybe I am becoming redundant? Something to think about.
Leah sent me this note Page2 wrote to the bride and groom a few weeks ago. Sometimes she sounds just like her Papa - Leah's Dad. He has a unique sense of humor and of expressing himself. I love both of them to the moon and back...
Em's little boy and girl. Every time I look at pictures of all the children, I can't help but remember when their Moms and Dads were all that small themselves.  Wasn't that just yesterday?
Love this picture of Roseanne, her hubby and Ivy's son who was in a school play of Beauty and the Beast. He played the part of Belle's father - Maurice. Sweet.
No - this isn't my Miya or Ruth's Honey but it struck me so funny. She looks like Honey when she has been trimmed for summer months. I sent it to Ruth and she agreed. I'm sure the cat coerced that poor dog into being her partner in crime.
A much better picture of the watch Bentley gave me this past year. I think of Bentley and his kindness every time I check the time. Hmmm - wonder if that was his plan? Just kidding.
One of the few good pictures I've found of  our beloved GG. BigD said that her daughter is here for the weekend and he was thinking about going down to cook. I just realized I'm still not 100% so not sure I should be around anyone just in case it is a virus. I'm encouraging him to go on without me.
I'm sure Eileen is at home packing for the coast. They are going down for several weeks on Monday and when Eileen turns down this street, she will know she is back to her little piece of Paradise.
And I'm not jealous - no - really, I'm NOT jealous! Yeah - right. Enjoy it for both of us Eileen.


  1. Just wanted to say that I do love reading your blog! But can understand if you feel like leaving us. :)

  2. You are not lady redundant woman. (character in a show the kids watch) I love your blog and would be sad to see you go....DON'T go!


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