Monday, April 18, 2011

Just a few things....

What a lovely evening last night. The full moon was glorious - it lit up the whole sky. We had 251 in attendance which is 149 more than our number of publishers. We had the late meeting but everything went like clockwork - the Spanish congregation was gone from the parking lot in no time. Amazing organization.Leah sent me this picture today of our beautiful Page as she was heading toward their Memorial. Eileen text messaged me with the question - how many years has the Memorial been going on so I answered her - 33 to 2011 - 1,978 years. I actually got a lot done yesterday. I got rid of tons of stuff in my closet (sure there is more that can be tossed) and have three bags for Goodwill and two for the trash. Page1 would be so proud. I was telling Gail today that for the first time in a while now - I felt lonely last night on my way home. No - that isn't the word I'm looking for - I felt alone. I don't know why - maybe because there were so many families there last night or maybe I'm just
missing my babies. That will be taken care of in a few days though as they are all coming in this weekend. It was a beautiful day today also - nice cool breeze but warm sun. Actually, by the end of the day it was downright hot! This morning Rie and I worked with the sister and her two little girls who came to work with us during the hail storm! We all laughed and decided it was much better today. Little Poppy kept finding tiny yellow flowers in all the yards. Tia finally fell asleep in her nice stroller and slept the whole time we worked both sides of a long street. We made a few calls and every time Ami got out of the car, Tia would cry until I sang to her. She didn't like the normal children's songs - she liked the songs my Mama used to sing to me like "Blistered Ankle Jane" and "Lazy Bones". Even Poppy asked me what I was singing when I sang the Jane song. It is going to be a busy all week so I need to work on getting to bed earlier than I have been. I almost fell asleep in the car while we were waiting for Rie and Gail to finish a call this afternoon. BigD keeps trying to get a good picture of Miya sleeping on my hip in the mornings. I sleep on my right side most of the time and BigD said many mornings he finds Miya sleeping along my left hip. I know one of these times he will actually get a better picture. I had gotten cold during the night and dug around until I found my old comforter to throw over my thin summer quilt. Yum - is there any better feeling than waking up from being cold and finding a nice warm cover that puts you right back to sleep? Speaking of Miya - she has been as nervous as a "cat on a hot tin roof" all afternoon and evening. She knows it is about time for her medication and she is avoiding both of us like the plague. That cat is TOO smart. I could not get any in her last night so I fixed another dose and it is in the fridge waiting for the moment she comes to me thinking I'm asleep. I really have to get a double dose a day in her to keep her heart condition from getting worse.

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