Friday, April 8, 2011

Done and Done and Done and Done ----

Been working on taxes most of the day - I know - "Last Minute Annie". Was happy to hear from Tax Lady telling me she was running late so I was all but finished when she walked in the back door. I even had time to clean the bathroom a little before she got here.  I know - I'm pathetic. It was good to see her since she is also a friend. We went for a ride in my new car so she could hear how good she sounds when you open her up a little. While she got started, I pulled out some of BigD's home made pimento cheese with Carr Crackers and a glass of wine for us followed by some of my fresh fruit salad with Greek Yogurt that had honey mixed in with it. YUM!  She also downloaded the new QB program to my desktop - updated both computers and got me started on having a personal QB account so I can keep up with things better.  She was laughing about how I used to be a Vice President of a company and managed three branches and four divisions and now I have just quit.  It is true - since I don't "have" to do it every day - it totally slips my mind.  When she first started doing our taxes, I was still working part-time so I was still in the "work" mode.  Oh well - I'm trying. BigD had fish over at Boyd's for dinner tonight.  I wish I loved it as much as he does.  Page and Bentley called right after Tax Lady left and she put me on the speaker phone so I could give them both the results of the Pet/CT scan I had last week.  I actually enjoyed going over every thing with them. Especially how the doctor took the time to show me pictures and we compared the results to the pictures.  Then I told them how I went on-line looking at pictures and that didn't turn out to be a very good idea but I did find a link to a support group I may visit. I don't know that I will  necessarily participate but might kind of "listen in". I also spoke with Kurt and Leah - Kurt cautioned me about looking at too much on the computer but I've already learned that the hard way.  All of a sudden you see or hear some horror story and realize it could become yours. Page was so heartbroken over losing her little dwarf hamster that Leah finally went and bought another one.  This one is a little different and is not quite as hyper as Boo was. Page named her "Sweetie" and according to Leah she is one. I know they are going to enjoy her because she is so much calmer. They have to close Hiro up in Page's room before they let Sweetie out. That is okay though because Leah also bought an extra strong top for the cage for Sweetie that has latches on it.  Since Hiro likes to sit on
top of the cage, this will prevent him from "accidentally" causing it to open.  Oh yeah - he is really worried about doing that that isn't he? NOT!  It was nice to be able to talk to all the kids tonight. I can't wait to see all of them (except for Bentley who is starting in a new position with his company Monday) for a few days week after next and having Page2 with me for the whole week.  I'm hoping to have most of my time in before they get here so Page2 and I can do some fun things together. I missed being out today but am so relieved to have the taxes completed on my end and now we just have to wait for the verdict.  Kurt was talking about how nice it was when we all gathered up at their house for a long weekend and we are both hoping that maybe we will be able to do that again in the not too distant future.  Page1 has all but a few days of her vacation booked for the rest of this year so we will have to talk about maybe early next year.  At least we will all be together at the coast again in August.   It has been a gorgeous day today - had the back door open (and yes Page, I had the screens locked) for part of the day.  Now the wind is blowing and it is raining but they are calling for more beautiful weather later tomorrow and through the first of next week.

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  1. You are DONE! Hooray! Glad you get to see your kids soon! It's been too long since our family has all been together also. Love that picture of Hiro!


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