Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That's more like it.....

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows I love flowers but am not a gardener. My Mom helped me plant four Azaleas I purchased from a professional organization raising money for a charity through work many, many years ago. We have found over the past 36 years (this coming June) that we have lived here that plants, vegetables, shrubs and flowers don't fare well in the soil around our little house. Azaleas seem to be the exception to that rule. This white one has always been the biggest
of the three in front and one on the side of the house. The pink one beside it plugs along every year and the one on the side of the house just stopped growing in size but blooms every year. The one on the corner didn't make it - no reason - just died. A friend gave me some irises several years ago. They don't bloom every year and they have bloomed different colors when they do bloom. Yeah - like I said - no rhyme or reason. I enjoyed going on Luz's 2 hour BS with her this morning and then having Nisha go with me on Shen's study this afternoon. Then Nisha and I sat in the car in the parking lot laughing and getting to know each other a little better. What a lovely woman she is. So - as I drove in the driveway, I noticed my Azaleas were starting to bloom a little and the Irises, so decided to just take some phone pictures before the flowers and blossoms are gone. I love to look at my Azaleas every year so I can remember how my Mom helped me plant them........Hope you enjoy....
Have a beautiful Spring everyone. Maybe I'll have more the the Azaleas after they bloom more.  This almost makes me want to ask my lovely Leah how she would feel about planting some of my big pots if I purchase the flowers and potting soil? Not the little ones - just the big ones....Hmmmmm

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  1. beautiful! Our house always takes a while to bloom, always the last on our little block. But now, we've got dogwood blooms, our irises have sprouted up, but still no blooms yet. And the yard is filled with violets, yay!


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