Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Started out dark and wet but ended up bright and sunny....

Another great day for the campaign. We were privileged to have a two year old little girl with us this morning. Wish I had gotten a picture to share here. Was raining like mad and cold when we first got started but as soon as the rain stopped, we headed over to a large apartment complex that is seeing hard times.
Most of the units are empty and 38 units have been auctioned off. I'm not sure what will happen to this property but we were remembering when it was new and how nice they were then. In one section of about 4 connecting buildings with 4 units each - there were only two that were occupied. I would find that very depressing.
Rie took this picture from under the branches. I guess you
could say it is a reminder of how man-made objects go back to nature and how much beauty there is in all of nature. We had a friend working with us from Pittsburgh, PA today who noticed the vines on the trees. She was surprised to find that these large vines are more than likely poison ivy vines. Some of the really large vines we see are from old grape vines. There was a tree beside this one that had several vines winding up around the tree that were intertwined and looked like they were braided. She was also enthralled by the wisteria we are enjoying seeing everywhere these days. If you plan to have wisteria as part of your garden, you need to be sure it is the non-invasive kind which will
take over everything. We see it deep in the woods winding around everything including pine trees. The bright purple is gorgeous against the dark bark and dark greens of the forest.
 Looking forward to another full day tomorrow with lots of walking. I noticed a few minutes ago as I looked out the living room window that we have a Chesire Cat Moon tonight or a Wet Moon. I'll have to admit - I smiled when I saw it.

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