Saturday, April 2, 2011

Okay - March is over but April is roaring like a lion today...

Beautiful day today with bright sunshine and blue skies. Every so often the wind would blow but it just made it a little nicer until later this afternoon when it started getting pretty strong. Now the wind is blowing so hard it is making me think of that saying - "March came in like a lion" but it is April! We started our campaign today and everyone was excited and eager to go. We worked in an old neighborhood where my sister Rose and her hubby lived with their little girl Dee. Their son was born while they lived there too. I was a young teenager so I spent a lot of time there - at times baby sitting and at times just visiting.
Eileen and I had fun remembering how much we enjoyed visiting Rose and her little family. They were helpful in giving us a little more social life (skating rink, bowling, etc) than we might have had without them.
I'm 99.9% sure their mailbox was attached to the house but you seldom see mailmen walking beats anymore.
This pretty azalea is right below the window to the dining room. It really was a cute house and I was disappointed no one was home as I was thinking I might ask if I could at least come in and see the living room.
Got this picture of Page on my phone from Leah - it had a caption saying, "I'm an Apple". Sweet. Hope she got some apple and pear butter for when they come down. Yum. So, got BigD's bills done, plan to get the last of the tax information down on paper for the accountant, going to pick up dinner (BigD has gone over to Boyd's to cook/eat steaks and watch the game with Steve), take a shower, study for the meeting and hopefully get to bed before too late. Talked with Page about her week last week and when I told her about the bakery closing, she already knew because she had lunch there today. :( I had to brag a little about how much walking I did today and will be doing for the next two weeks. Hopefully this extra activity will "jump-start" me into better habits. Hope springs eternal.

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