Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sixteenth Saturday of 2011 is all but gone

Shen called me yesterday to see if I wanted to go with her and her two children to DPAC to see the musical Shrek. Her husband's boss gave him his season's tickets (4) and a free parking pass for today's showing. Well -YES - I would love to go.  Our parking was in the American Tobacco Complex which now houses offices, shops, and apartments. It was nice to walk right across the street to the theater. I'll have to admit that when I was parking, bittersweet memories of when my Dad worked at the American Tobacco Factory back when I was young flooded in. The American
bought Lucky Strike back in the 30's. My Mom worked at Liggett & Myers until she retired. Mom loved her job - it wasn't stressful, she had good benefits and a wonderful pension and retirement. Mom smoked Pall Malls which were made by Dad’s company and Dad smoked Chesterfields which were made by Mom's company. As a result, they were able to provide each other with free cigarettes. Mom also provided me with free Larks; which were the cigarettes I smoked from the time I was a little over 17 until I quit when I was around 21. I am so glad I quit at such a young age because my dear hubby is still "hooked" on Tareytons which were made by my Dad's and his Aunt's company. Our seats were way up in the last balcony but Roseanne had assured me once that there were no bad seats in this theater and I have seen first-hand that she is correct. In spite of the fact that we were up so high, we could see the entire stage, the orchestra pit and everything that was going on. Before the first act, I saw a little boy that I recognized immediately from his pictures on FB.
It was Wyatt and his Dad- Dave. I know Wyatt must have wondered who in the world that old lady was who said "Hey Wyatt". Of course his Dad recognized me. I bought us all candied nuts and waters. On my way home, I had a nice long chat with a younger friend who has been having a hard time lately. I always pray that I will find the correct words to help young women who are struggling with things that I have finally left behind. I don't want to ever forget those times if it means I can use those experiences to help others.  Life gets hard sometimes and even though we recognize that, it can still take a lot out of us when things start piling up and we find it hard to breath for an extended period of time. I received a picture via text message from Leah of Page at the KH waiting for the wedding to start. Evidently they had a great time.


  1. I'm jealous. I know you enjoyed Shrek.

  2. I saw an advertisement for that. How was it? Your experiences and advise are very helpful to all of us young women. :)


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