Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Boomer....and Bloomers

Yep - that's me - a Baby Boomer.  There is a lot of controversy surrounding the actual start and end of the Baby Boomer generation but most people put it around 1946 to 1964.  The difference in some people's idea of the actual years is very slight.  Either way - I was born a Baby Boomer.  That means I will turn 65 this year - I know - I don't look 65 - but alas - I am. :)  A piece of mail came today to remind me of that because I will have to sign up for Medicare before November.  Hmmmmm - makes one think doesn't it?  I definitely will not miss the $500 plus we have to pay for my health insurance alone each month. To be perfectly honest, I'm glad I was born during this particular time period.  A lot of  the changes that were taking place during those years helped make me who I am and for the most part, I like that person.  I could have gotten into a lot of the trouble many of my peers were getting into but fortunately for me, I escaped the pain that would have come with that. Enough about that - I would rather talk about Bloomers - not Boomers! I snatched some pictures of our State (bloomer) flower - the Dogwood!
This by itself tells me Spring is definitely here. BigD couldn't stand it - he took the boat to the lake and said he might see me around the time it gets dark. I hope he catches tons of fish - either way he will get what he needs from it. I had a great day yesterday but it suddenly went South real fast as I was getting ready for the
meeting. Not sure if I forgot to take a medication the night before but after eating dinner (same thing BigD had except I had Hot n Sour Soup) I started feeling really bad. Anyone who has had reflux for years knows what I mean. You start out thinking you are having a heart attack but not long after that - I ended up being very good friends with the rest room. Oh well - I still felt too bad to go out today and have a headache so maybe a virus? I doubt that since the symptoms came on so fast after I ate. I am being very kind to my tummy today and tomorrow so I can enjoy the Memorial on Sunday night. My sweet friend Karen brought our taxes to me after the meeting and we sat on the back porch surrounded by pollen until 12:15AM just talking.  I hope she wasn't too tired this morning for work. I didn't sleep well and at one point felt so cold I had to go drag the comforter out again. It brought back a lot of memories when we were talking last night of a simpler time when we were all much younger. She is the same age as my oldest niece Dee who came by this week to bring me her extra stethoscope to use on Miya. It turns out I'm not going to be keeping Dorothy Dog but she has made some really good plans for her. I felt a little sad when I found out I wouldn't have her. She was describing to me the dresses she bought for the wedding - one for the rehearsal dinner and the other for the wedding. She also bought some snazzy very high Ruby Red heels to wear with her dress for the wedding. She said she was going to wear them with her jeans too. You go Dee. I commented on how much I loved her purse and she said - "you can have it" and started cleaning it out.  Okay there is a long story about this purse.  She bought it years and years ago at our favorite boutique - Goodwill. A girl at work kept "coveting" it so she finally said - "you can have it".  Years later (recently) the girl brought the bag back to her and said "Thanks"!  So - I have a new purse and really needed one but haven't seen one I like so WOW - thanks Dee!  While she was cleaning it out, she found the cute bracelet a friend bought her from Guatemala and she said "here - you can have this too".  Now I feel like I've been shopping!  I wish I had found time to look for a new dress on-line in time for the Memorial but alas - it didn't happen.  They don't make many dresses that look good on someone my size so it takes a bit of looking.
So I'll end this post with a picture that makes me laugh everytime I look at it. We have been walking around, into, under and at times on inch worms all week. Tiny little lime green worms that are so cute. Had to share a text message she sent me that said, "Yes that is an inch worm on my boob. Guess he's measuring for my next bra purchase". Her younger brother responded, "He'd better bring a bunch of his brothers to help". LOLOLOL

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  1. Hahaha! LOVE the inchworm on the boob! Very funny! I love that purse and the bracelet too! Oh and I Love Karen :) Love love love!
    I hope you feel better, treat yourself kindly and hopefully it was nothing more than bad food.
    love you


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