Monday, April 4, 2011

Another great day with sunshine, strong breezes and good friends....

Another beautiful day today. I bragged to Page about how much I walked today but by later this afternoon - Eileen and I were slowing down significantly. I received
another text message with another picture of Page's Dr. Seuss "do" from yesterday early this morning. It does feel good to laugh a lot again. One funny thing that happened today was when Eileen got her keys hung in Yvonne's
braids. We didn't think she would ever get them out while she kept saying how sorry she was. Eileen was also a little disturbed today because her daughter's business was broken into for the second time in a few days. Since the safe is bolted to the floor, this time they brought bolt cutters but they didn't get anything. What a nuisance. Get a job!!!!
Just a few of our pretty flowers that are coming up. I'm not sure if the Tulips will hold up until April 17th but a lot of the others will be coming in by then so I think it will be beautiful for our special evening.

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  1. That silly hair makes me smile :) I like the rats nest in the previous post best. Loving all of the flowers at the hall, so cheery and beautiful!


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