Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some surprises are so nice...

I love nice surprises - don't you? Well today I had a very nice one - a surprise "dropping by" visit from my oldest female cousin on my Mama's side - Marie. This picture is from a Family Reunion in 2007 and I haven't seen her since then. I have talked with her a few times over the past few years and it was so good to see her face. It is nice to talk to people who remember your family's history whether they are relatives or not. My two older sisters can't remember their names half the time I'm pretty much on my own with things Mama wrote down and the few cousins that are older than we are on both sides. She lives in Henderson now and
some of her children live there also.  I have her two daughter's email addresses so I can stay in touch with that part of the family through them.  Her oldest daughter is about 4 years younger than me but we used to play together as little girls because she lived with my Mama's sister most of the time.  Today started out pretty cold and dark but when she came by - she brought the warm weather and sunshine with her.  I am so happy the taxes are in the hands of our accountant and now all I need to focus on is the campaign and working my way through this house one room at a time.  My babies will all be here in two weeks and I can't wait to see them!!!!!

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