Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Already Tuesday night of our VACATION.....

Not going to write very much but wanted to share just a few of the pictures we took today.  It was HOT again but Leah, Kurt and BigD went fishing after a breakfast of homemade sausage and cheddar cheese biscuits. Yum.  Why is it coffee tastes so much better at the coast? Anyway, the kids played in the pool for awhile and then came back in to play. It was HOT!
They also caught a small shark! Of course Boy and Page2 had a ball with that once they got over their fear. Check out the picture of boy swimming the little things in the nasty pool! Yeah - we have emptied the pool and it will have nice clean water in it tomorrow.
I love this picture of the kid's feet. I'm sure we will have one to show of my girl's feet at the beach later. I think they are planning to go there tomorrow and thankfully, they are calling for only upper 80's for the high tomorrow.
Feeding the gulls. The ducks ran away when Biscuit came running out on the dock. Hmm - wonder why?
Pretty Biscuit helping Kurt cool off after his fishing trip.  It has been so nice getting to know her and Boy all over again.  She has taken a real liking to Kurt and Leah.  She may only be 2.5 years old but believe me when I tell you she can hold her own - with anybody!
Page1 and I enjoyed a nice glass of KJ in the glasses Fran brought me last year. Wine always tastes better in a special glass doesn't it?
It was a little cloudy while we were on the dock and as soon as we came back to the porch (with a fan blowing on us)we got to actually see the sun set across the water on the lovely houses over there. We had a nice breeze on the dock and the fan gave us one on the porch! Whew.
Page2 holding her precious Hiro. He has been such a good boy down here. He seems to have gotten used to being here quicker this year. He even let me rub him quite a bit earlier today on the bed.
Of course Miya thinks any house she is in belongs to her so she has no issues at all.
Biscuit has been busy keeping us in her "homemade cookies". Look at the little glove and spatula. Her Mom has promised her a nice little "kitchen" to use her pan, spatula, glove and magnetic cookies in when she is potty trained. Go Biscuit! I called Ruth and let her know the water situation here isn't fixed yet so it will be tomorrow that they will come to dinner and we have BBQ chicken and the fixings. Ann and Leah made a run to Dairy Queen after dinner and we just finished our Mini-Blizzards and are watching Galaxy Quest - Ann has never seen it so we are enjoying watching her watch it. :)  more to come....

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  1. a toy dead shark, how funny. Kids can play with anything can't they? My kids have the same cookies that Biscuit has, and they love them. I love wooden toys :) Miya's so pretty.


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