Monday, August 8, 2011

August 7th, 2011 - Let the good times begin..... or not....

Not matter how hard to try to be super organized and ready to do - I fail, fail, fail every year.  When it is just me going somewhere - I seem to do so well but include others and I'm totally discombobulated.  After a shaky start - with me being in the bathroom trying to not cry out loud because I thought I had lost the key I.T. gave me years go to let me know he and E thought of me as family - I was told the key had been found in exactly the place I put it and we were almost good to go.
Poor Princess Miya and Hirohito - they must thinks we are nuts. They really got along so well in the carrier and I think they traveled much better this way than in separate carriers. The ride down was nice - not too much traffic and none of the rain BigD had anticipated even though we were super prepared for it.
Yeah - this is how hot and HUMID it was when we got here. We have to wipe the lens of the cameras of every time we take a picture outside. BUT - we are HERE!
BigD and Kurt took Page with them to put the boat into the water and Page rode in the boat with Grandaddy - she looks like such a big girl in her new Coast Guard approved life preserver for when she is on the boat. She was tres' excited because he opened it up a little (to her a lot) on the way back. We all unpacked and made our beds and were resting but very soon after we arrived, we realized we were having a bathroom issue with the "flushing of the throne".
How do you like my "new earrings"? Actually - the round one is a nice green earring - Leah gave me the "pair" awhile back and BigD told me one had come off in his truck. HOWEVER - he never could find it after that. The other one is from a "pair" Roseanne gave me from down here a few years back - and I KNOW I have the other one but couldnt' find it so decided to make a pair. My girls were raising their eyebrows a little and I told them - "Hey, if Jack Sparrow can do it - so can I"! I like them. Have always hoped I would know how to step outside the box if needed.


  1. Man that is humidity right there! crazy! Page2 seems to be grinning from ear to ear on the boat ride. I think the earrings are fine...just never look at someone straight on, only show one ear at a time and they'll never know the difference :)


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