Monday, August 15, 2011

It is official - the vacation is over......

Thought I would add a few more pictures to end the vacation. Stayed home today for two reasons - one being the load after load of laundry that still isn't completed and the other --- I think I'm getting sick! Yep - it started yesterday in my ear but now the ear and my throat hurts every time I swallow.  I can't remember the last sore throat I had.  I'm so hoping that it is "peaking" tonight and will be better tomorrow.
Leah has a knack for getting some really great pictures of Princess Miya. The cats really did well this year but my Miya is wiped out. She has been sleeping ever since we got home. I like the shot of her and Hiro in the travel crate together.
Every time we looked outside, Page2 was climbing the poles on the porch. She got really good at it and it brought back memories to Page1 of her doing the same thing when she was young. Even though the week started off with "potty-room" issues requiring us to visit the other cottage often, it was taken care of pretty quick.
Kurt got some great pictures of Leah with Miya sleeping on a towel beside her. Leah took some shots of Page with her hair curled after we got the car packed. It was the first time Leah had seen me use the little curlers on it and she was pleased with the results. Of course, it doesn't last a long time but it is a nice change for her. The trip home had to be rushed at the last minute so we could get Page to the airport. After BigD and Kurt meeting us in the parking lot of Dick's Sporting Goods so we could get her suitcase, I got her to the airport at 3pm to catch a 4pm flight home. Long story short - there were many delays resulting in her having to catch another plane that was also delayed and it just isn't possible to put the whole story down but she got home in the early AM hours. This has been happening quite a bit lately and I know it must be getting real old. Leah and Kurt had to go by Kurt's office to get his work orders for today.  Their oldest cat - Vincent - had really missed Leah and kept trying to get as close to her last night as possible (in the bed).
She sent me this picture today showing how Vincent missed catching the sheets last night but not her arm. Ouch! Sweet Vincent - he is getting so old. SO - guess I'll go put another load in and maybe gargle with warm salt water.  Vacation is over....................color me sad.

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  1. Whew am I confused over who is who!! Guess what tea is my favorite?? Yup. Love the dragonfly. I'm thinking the boy in the pool (the big one) is your son? Do you have pics of you with your kids?
    Enjoyed this trip to the lake/ocean?!


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