Thursday, August 25, 2011

First day of Fifth Grade!!!!

Leah sent me the pictures she took of Page yesterday.  According to Leah, she had a great first day of school.  She is changing classes among three teachers this year which will prepare her for middle school next year. NO - can't even let myself think about that. One day at a time......
Click on the picture twice to see it close up.  I love her hair - it looks so cute on her. Leah said she didn't let it get as dry and used a little setting lotion on it and when she pulled the little curlers out, Page was like - "this is ridiculous". I love what I call her "Wally" comments. She sounds just like her Papa when she says things like that! One of my favorite men so it always makes me smile. When Leah asked her if anyone at school noticed her hair, she said in an offhand way - "yeah - they all liked it". I love that she isn't caught up in the "keeping up with other girls" syndrome and hopefully she will walk right past that.  Our goal is to keep her a happy, secure, productive, goal oriented young woman who doesn't have to become something else to be happy with herself.  Can't wait to see her next weekend for the shower....

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